Unusual 1960 Corvette With A “Bubble” Top

Recently I saw a very nice, but to me an unusual 1960 Corvette.  I really like the Corvettes of that era, perhaps it is the car itself, or perhaps it is from watching “Route 66” as a kid.  Whatever the reason, these cars have always impressed me.

1960 Corvette

The aspect of this Corvette that was unusual was the “bubble” top that was fitted to the car.  I had never seen one of these tops before.

This Corvette Has a Transparent “Bubble” Top

Perhaps there are Corvette experts out there who know about these tops, but this top is unusual to me.

The “Bubble” Top On The Corvette

In 1960, all Corvettes were built as roadsters, but about half of the Corvettes were sold with auxiliary hardtops.  That year Corvettes had five available 283 cubic inch V8 engines.  The standard Corvette engine was a single four-barrel carburetor 283 V8 that produced 230 horsepower.  The optional available engines and their option costs were as follows:

  • Two four-barrel carburetor 245 horsepower 283 V8 @ $150.65
  • Two four-barrel carburetor 270 horsepower 283 V8 @ $182.95
  • Fuel injected 250 horsepower 283 V8 @ $484.20
  • Fuel injected 290 horsepower 293 V8 @ $484.20

I have some numbers that show that 100 people paid $484.20 for the 250 horsepower  fuel injected engine option!  Why would anyone do that when the 290 horsepower fuel injected engine was the same price?  Or for less money, you could have bought a carburetted V8 with more horsepower than the 250 horsepower fuel injected engine.  There is probably part of this story that I don’t know, but just looking at the numbers, I find it strange.

The “bubble” top Corvette that I saw was powered by the 245 horsepower dual quad 283 V8 engine.

The Corvette Two Four-Barrel 245 Horsepower V8 Engine

I find the interior of the 1960 Corvette to be quite nice.  In 1960, a speedometer that registered to 160 miles per hour was very impressive, regardless of how fast it would really go.

This 1960 Corvette Had the 4-Speed Transmission

In 1960 the standard transmission in a Corvette was a 3-speed manual transmission.  The optional transmission were a 4-speed manual transmission or a 2-speed automatic transmission.  The shifter for all transmission was mounted on the floor.  This particular Corvette had the 4-speed manual transmission.

The 1960 Corvette Was the Last Corvette With “Teeth” In The Grille

If there are any knowledgable Corvette people out there who can explain the history of this “bubble” top car or explain the pricing strategy behind the 250 horsepower fuel injected engine, then I would like to hear from you.

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2 Responses to Unusual 1960 Corvette With A “Bubble” Top

  1. V Bob says:

    Rhode Island license plate. Ck RI DMV for owner ?

    email posted !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. gary says:

    Bubbletop hardtops made as aftermarket option in 1954…….there aren’t many around,ive only seen a couple on 54s and 55s

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