2012 Great Race Overnights in Barrie, Ontario

On Monday night, June 25, 2012, the Great Race had an overnight stop in Barrie, Ontario.  Harald von Langsdorff of Caledon, Ontario drove up to Barrie to meet the competitors and check out the cars competing in this multi-day rally.  Harald sent me some photos of the cars as they were in Barrie.

A Very Well Prepared 1916 Hudson of the H & D Sharp Entry

There is a scoring advantage for the older cars, so many of the top cars are old cars, but they are very well prepared to stand up to the rigors of a multi-day rally covering many hundreds of miles.

Typical Great Race Car Set-Up

The above photo shows the typical car set-up for the Great Race.  Note the Timewise Model 825 adjustable speedometer positioned at eye level, so that the driver can drive the car at a very precise speed.  The speedometer can be very finely calibrated and as you can see, the speed indicators are clearly shown in 1.0 mph increments.

In front of the navigator is a large analog clock (digital clocks are not allowed) made by Sawtooth Clocks which allows the navigator to clearly see the second hand reading at a quick glance.  For more information about this clock, refer to a post that I made on this website on March 7, 2012.

Also in front of the navigator is a performance chart that the rally team would have prepared for that car.  The performance chart has information about the time it takes to accelerate and brake during the various speed changes.  This is a rather complex issue to easily explain, but I will cover this topic in detail in a later posting.  It is time-consuming to prepare these performance charts, but they are key to getting good results.  Remember that this rally does not allow the use of an odometer, so the driving must be very precise and predictable to stay on time.

This Car Displays a Large Number of “Aces” Which Represents Arriving at a Control on the Perfect Second or “Zeroing” the Leg

Harald was able to meet up with some friends that we have met in several rallies.  For example, Dave Weiman, who was our traveling companion during a trip to Germany in 2011, is working in one of the staff vehicles for this rally.

Dave Weiman Is Working as Part of the Great Race Staff

Another couple of friends that Harald caught up with were Brian Blood and Steve Keller of Virginia.  Harald and I have met Brian and Steve in several rallies that have been put on by the Northeast Rally Club.  They were competing in the Great Race for the first time in Steve’s Saab 96.  Steve told me once that he bought this car from rally legend, Satch Caarlson.

Brian Blood & Steve Keller Are Rookies in the Great Race

Another team entered in the Great Race from the Northeast Rally Club are the Bittermans in their 1966 Dodge Charger.  They had a very good rally last year, winning the Rookie Class.

The Bittermans’ 1966 Dodge Charger

From all of the pictures that Harald sent to me, it appears that a big crowd came out to welcome the Great Racers to Barrie, Ontario.  I wish them all the best of luck for the rest of the 2012 Great Race.

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3 Responses to 2012 Great Race Overnights in Barrie, Ontario

  1. Harald von Langsdorff says:
  2. NOVA Curmudgeon says:


    It was good seeing Harald in Barrie. We had a good day yesterday and an even better one today. Somehow everything has fallen in to place. Hopefully we can continue it. Brian an I look forward to seeing you and Harold in Delaware or NJ in the near future.

    Steve Keller

    • Hi Steve,
      You fellows DID have a good day. It looks like you were fourth overall on the day and that you got “old carred” out of third overall. Plus you guys got an ace! Very well done!!

      Perhaps we’ll get back to one of the rallies put on by the Northeast Rally Club. It would be fun.

      Keep up the great results in the Great Race!


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