The Story Behind The Maserati Blue Color

Recently through Paul Henshall of Ontario, I became aware of Navin Rao who had moved to India to become the press officer for Automobili Italia Pvt. in Mumbai, India. Navin forwarded some pictures of a Maserati track day in Modena, Italy that he attended as part of his orientation for his new position.  Lucky guy!

Navin Rao Obviously Enjoying His Visit To Modena

One of the questions that had puzzled me for several years was why many of the Maserati race cars that I had seen competing in GT racing were a blue color, instead of the more traditional Italian red color.

Maserati MC12 GT Race Car

This interest was renewed when one of the Maserati cars that was a part of the Maserati track day in Modena was the same color of blue.  Maserati is part of the Ferrari family, but the blue color seems to be unique to Maserati.

Blue Maserati at the Modena Track Day

Navin did some research on this matter for me.  Navin reported that the official Maserati colors are blue and red which were based on the municipality of Bologna institutional colors or official crest.

City of Bologna Official Crest

Maserati as a company was born in Bologna, Italy and moved to Modena later on in 1937.  Therefore the blue and red colors are a kind of tribute to the Maserati company birth city of Bologna.

So as Paul Harvey used to say: “Now you know the rest of the story.” behind the blue color that you will see on many Maserati cars.

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