SMCC’s 2012 Economy Run Rally on June 9

Next weekend the Sport Motor Car Club  (SMCC) of Montreal will hold their 2012 Economy Run Rally in the Charlemagne, Quebec area.  This event continues to grow and early thoughts are that this year’s event is going to be more competitive than ever.

As the event title states, this event combines the attributes of a rally with a the characteristics of an economy run. The goal is to stay on time while minimizing fuel consumption. There will be several elapsed time controls at which you may arrive early without penalty; however arriving early can have a negative impact on your fuel consumption. Controls may only be located at the end of a section. Penalties will be accorded based on fuel consumption and lateness. There will also be penalties for leaving a control before the given out-time. No previous experience is required to participate in the economy run rally as the instructions are easy to follow. All of the roads that will be used on the event are asphalt.  Any car can complete the event without problems. The route is identical to the both the 2010 & 2011 events which will allow comparison with previous results.

The current event record from the 2011 running is Mike Kamm’s 1977 Datsun B210 with a 1.4 litre gasoline engine that achieved 60.40 mpg over the 198 kilometre long course.  Mike will be back this year will a 1.0-litre 1997 three-cylinder Geo Metro.  Mike has a big target on his back this year.  There are several Smart Cars that will be showing up to avenge last year’s slight win by Mike Kamm.  There will be challenge from a Vermont team in a “Frankenjetta”.  I also know that a team will be bringing up a very efficient Insight running without batteries that should challenge for the win.

Click on the following link for more information on the event:

The 2012 SMCC Economy Run Rally will start at Ultramar Gas Station Charlemagne, QC nat the junction of Autoroute 640 & Route 344 Autoroute 40 Exit 96E.  There is a St-Hubert Restaurant next door so you can get a great chicken meal before and after the economy run rally.

I competed in the inaugural running this event in 2010 as the navigator for Mike Kamm when he won in a Nissan Sentra.  This is a fun event and there is a lot happening in Montreal next weekend as the Canadian Grand Prix will be held as well.  For a great experience, I would recommend downtown Montreal on the Saturday night of the Grand Prix weekend.

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2 Responses to SMCC’s 2012 Economy Run Rally on June 9

  1. Results are in and the event was indeed competitive! Follow the link for all the info and some great photos.

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