The 2012 Penn-York Rally Results

The Northeast Rally Club, which I am a member of, held the Penn-York Rally in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania: May 18-20, 2012.  This is one of two rallies that the Northeast Rally Club typically hold each year.

I got a few notes from Steve Keller who was competing in the Penn-York Rally as the navigator in his Saab 96 along with Brian Blood, who did the driving.  Steve and Brian are competing in the upcoming 2012 Great Race, which has much the same format as the Penn-York Rally, therefore to get the kinks out and get some full-scale practice to work on their driving/timing they competed in the Penn-York Rally.  The Penn-York Rally is a good rally and I had wanted to compete in it, but I was unable to find anyone looking for a navigator for this event.  Maybe I’ll find a seat for next year in this rally.

The Penn-York Rally is a Time-Speed style of rally where the competitors are given the average speeds either from point-to-point or for a given amount of time, but no odometers are permitted and no distances are given.  All cars are permitted to enter, but older cars are given a timing advantage  which results in a large number of older cars entered in the rally as compared to most Time-Speed-Distance rallies.  In addition, only paved roads are used, therefore stone chips on these classic cars are not an issue.

Steve Keller reports that the Penn-York Rally was enjoyable with some challenging (and hilly!) courses laid out by the Rallymaster.  So while the older cars have a timing advantage, the older cars just don’t have the power to easily deal with hilly conditions.  This year’s rally covered roads in Pennsylvania on Friday; Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York on Saturday and Pennsylvania and New York on Sunday.  The area covered by this rally is significant, which is one of the reasons that I like this rally.

Apparently some of the roads in Pennsylvania were in poor shape which drew comments from some of the Penn-York Rally competitors.  These conditions could be the result of some of the flooding that occurred in the northeast USA last year.

Steve said that the weather was spectacular all weekend.  Steve noted that the Saturday morning rest stop was at a State Park at the highest point of New Jersey, with some terrific views.

While Brian and Steve had a mid-class finish, they viewed the Penn-York Rally to be a success for them as they now have confidence in their performance chart for the Saab 96.  Further, they know exactly what the cause of their errors were and as a result they feel confident for the upcoming Great Race rally.

Brian Craig of the Delaware Valley Jaguar Club posted pictures of the rally at:

The final scores for the 2012 Penn-York Rally are presented in the following table.  Note that the competitors in the “Pro” Class are allowed to use a calibrated speedometer.  Competitors in the “SOP” Class have to use the stock speedometer for the vehicle.  Before the rally starts competitors are given a speedometer check run where the Pro Class competitors can calibrate their speedometers and the SOP Class competitors can find out how much their speedometer varies from the rallymaster’s settings.

Results of the 2012 Penn-York Rally

 Overall Class Score
Rank   Class Rank Year Make Model Team Score
1 Pro 1 1932 Chev Sedan Hurst E/Hurst B 0m51.84s
2 Pro 2 1916 Hudson Hillclimber Sharp H/Sharp D 0m55.44s
3 Pro 3 1940 Chevy Master Hudson J/Hudson S 0m58.65s
4 Pro 4 1934 Ford Indy racer Hersey P/Gomez B 1m02.32s
5 Pro 5 1936 Ford Fordor Feeney L/Feeney J 1m03.91s
6 Pro 6 1939 Ford Coupe Tourje S/Tourje E 1m27.88s
7 Rookie 1 1940 Ford Conv Kozloski J/Coon D 1m57.30s
8 Pro 7 1969 Saab 96 Blood B/Keller S 2m11.34s
9 Pro 8 1929 Ford Speedster Josler B/McDorr G 2m54.59s
10 Sop 1 1999 Jaguar XK8 Craig B/Craig P 3m09.00s
11 Sop 2 1967 Ford Galaxy conv Bitterman M/Bitterman M 5m19.14s
12 Sop 3 1966 Dodge Charger Bitterman Jr M/Bitterman M 6m54.54s
13 Pro 9 1929 Ford Roadster Lykins D/Lykins L 8m42.98s
14 Rookie 2 1958 RollsRoyce Sedan Peterson G/Carr G 8m59.56s
15 Pro 10 1949 Chevy Panel truck Wetherill C/Litchko J 9m03.27s
16 Pro 11 1965 Chevy Corvette Bryan B/Hitchens G 11m03.98s
17 Sop 4 1994 Jaguar XJ6 Rappold K/Brown B 12m13.00s
18 Rookie 3 1955 Dodge Cornet Smith Z/Smith F 16m10.33s
19 Pro 12 1930 Ford Speedster Wallace K/McIntosh R DNF

The next event that will be held by the Northeast Rally Club will be the Pumpkin Run in Millsboro, Delaware on October 26-28, 2012.  This will be another Time-Speed style rally.

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2 Responses to The 2012 Penn-York Rally Results

  1. Greg G says:

    Steve, when is their next event. I have wanted to run my 46 Plymouth some where, but did not know of these events. Hills are no problem for my mighty Mopar, as I drove the mountain to Mad River Glenn ski resort VT RT 17 from VT 100 up and through to Bristol Vt. In high gear with no issues.

    Is there one in the fall?? May have my 56 Studebaker Pick up sorted by then also….

    • Hi Greg,
      The next event for the Northeast Rally Club is the Pumpkin Run rally which is scheduled for October 26-28, 2012. This rally typically takes place in Millsboro, Delaware. They typically have a shorter “practice” rally on Friday afternoon, then the full blown rally all day Saturday and on Sunday morning.

      Both of those vehicles would fit right in and you would be welcomed by the club. Check out the Northeast rally Club website for details as they become available.


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