More Car-Related Record Album Covers

Jim Blumenfeld is very interesting fellow who you can see as a Stage Captain at the New England Forest Rally, Stage Captain at all of the Rally New York events, and he has driven the pace car at SCCA events at the New Hampshire International Speedway.  I recently found out that Jim also collects record albums and sound equipment.

Several months ago, I posted some images of record album covers that are related to car themes.   Jim has literally thousands of albums and he recently forwarded some images to me of car-related record albums that he has.

I’m Not Sure How You Cover a Stock Car Race on a Record?

Remember When Drivers Sat Behind the Engines In Dragsters

The album cover on the right has songs by Burt Wheels and the Racers, a group who has been lost to history.  Jim did note that some of these records are a little tough to listen to.  The album mentions on the spot recording from the Indianapolis 500.  That’s kind of strange as the race car shown on the cover of the album is clearly turning right!  Definitely not from the Indianapolis 500!

Count Basie in an E Type Jaguar – He Knew Music and Cars!

Of all of these records, Jim says that the Count Basie record sounds the best.

Optimistically Named Volume 1 of Doo-Wop Gold

The album below has the sound track from the movie Grand Prix.  This was a very good movie, which I have seen several times, however I don’t remember a single piece of music from that movie other than “V12” by the Ferraris.

Sound Track From Grand Prix

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1 Response to More Car-Related Record Album Covers

  1. NOVA Curmudgeon says:

    “V12” Definitely had beat you could dance to.

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