MG Arnolt on Display At Larz Anderson Museum

This weekend I went to the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation in Brookline, Massachusetts to attend Cadillac Day, one of their many lawn events that are held throughout the summer.  After I had checked out the numerous Cadillacs on display on the lawn, I went into the museum building to see what was on display.

The display had recently been revised on a theme of the British car industry.  Inside, I was very surprised to see a MG Arnolt on display.  Recently, on April 11, 2012, I had posted a brief story about the MG Arnolt cars.  Given my recent posting and the rareness of these vehicles, I was very interested in the MG Arnolt at the Larz Anderson Museum.

MG Arnolt On Display at Larz Anderson

The management of the Larz Anderson Museum of Transportation will not permit the use of flashes inside the museum, therefore the photo quality of the MG Arnolt is not particularly good.

Only Very Few MG Arnolt Cars Were Built

From the angle of the above photo, there appears to be a strong influence of the Lancia Aurelia on the design of the MG Arnolt.  Both cars were from the same era, therefore it is not a big reach to think that the design of the MG Arnolt reflected the lines of the Lancia Aurelia.  Perhaps later in the year, say at the MG Rover Day, the MG Arnolt at Larz Anderson will be brought outside to permit a much closer look of this rather rare car.

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