Using My Updated Terratrip 101 Plus at the Baden Classic

I recently competed in the Baden Classic, a oldtimer” rally that is part of the ADAC FIVA Historic Cup series in Germany.  At this rally I was the navigator for Harald von Langsdorff in his 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S Cabriolet.

 Harald von Langsdorff and His 1958 Mercedes-Benz 220S Cabriolet

Only simple odometers are allowed to be used during this rally.  As a result, I was able to use my new Terratrip 101 Plus odometer.  This turned out to be an excellent choice for this rally.

The Interior of the Mercedes-Benz 220S With Our Rally-Equipped Set-Up

The photo above shows our rally set-up.  As the interior of the Mercedes-Benz has a lovely wooden dash, almost all of the rally equipment is fixed to my rally board.  Other pieces are stuck to the transmission tunnel floor mat using Velcro.

The rally navigation equipment that we used was as follows:

    • Alfa Club 2000 rally clock for Time-of-Day
    • Terratrip 101 Plus odometer
    • Brantz electronic speed table timer for pacing
    • Talking countdown clocks for timing line crossing
    • Calculator and pencils
The Terratrip 101 Plus turned out to be a very good odometer for this event.  The unit had been modified by the Terratrip people to provide the ability to adjust the odometer reading on the fly.
My Terratrip 101 Plus
My Terratrip 101 Plus was modified to allow the use of the up arrow on the “7” button to increase the odometer reading by 0.01 for each push of the “7” button.  And by using the down arrow on the “9” button the odometer reading can be reduced by 0.01 with each push of the “9” button.  In addition, the 0.1 reading can be increased by 0.01 if the “4” button is pushed prior to using the arrow up or arrow down button.  These features came in very handy as the odometer value needed frequent adjustment due to the nature of the rally route and the what others reported as occasional discrepancies in the route book distances.
The Terratrip 101 Plus odometer functioned flawlessly and I found it very easy to use.  The display was easy to see and the tactile buttons were also very easy to use.  The buttons and functions are very clear and after I used the unit for only about 10 minutes, I felt very comfortable with it as if I had been using it for years.
In summary, my Terratrip 101 Plus is a very useful odometer and I look forward to using it again.
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5 Responses to Using My Updated Terratrip 101 Plus at the Baden Classic

  1. Simer Miloslav says:

    Hi Steve,
    my name is Simer Miloslav and I am from Czech republic. I found your articles/comments to Terratrip 101 Plus product very interesting and very helpful. I’ve bought this odometer last week for the similar purposes. I’d like to use it for some Rally in Czech republic. I’d like to know if Terratrip updated SW and operation of it for all their production or they did it for you only? In case they updated your product only how can I get this update. Should I contact Terratrip myself or should I use your update?
    Thanks for your response.

    With regards,
    M.Simer, (

    • Hi Miloslav,
      I am not sure what Terratrip’s plans are for the rest of their production of the Terratrip 101 Plus. For from my email messages with Terratrip, I got the impression that the issue with the entered distance changing by 0.01 unit was going to be changed on the all of the remaining production of the Terratrip 101 Plus. The requested changes that were made to my Terratrip 101 Plus to allow for small plus/minus changes to the distances is something that I don’t know if Terratrip made to the rest of the Terratrip 101 Plus production units.

      My suggestion is to get your odometer installed in a car and test it for yourself to see if the changes were made to your unit as well. You should do this in any case, just to be familiar with the unit before you use it in a rally. I would certainly be interested to see if my suggested changes have been made to all of the units. I was very pleased with the modified Terratrip 101 Plus when I used it in the Baden Classic in Germany and I would highly recommend this odometer for rally use when a simple odometer is needed. Please let me know of your test results.

      If you want to discuss this privately, my email address is: shanna12 at comcast dot net


      • Hi Miloslav,
        After I replied to your comment it occurred to me that you could test your odometer without connecting it to the rally car but by simply connecting a sensor and a 12 volts power supply to the unit, powering it up, and simulating in car conditions by advancing the sensor. In fact it was by testing my unit in my basement that I was able to see the need for the improvements that were subsequently made.

        Good luck!
        Steve McKelvie

      • msimer says:

        Hi Steve,

        Thank you very much for your quick response. I’ll try to do the similar test as you did in my home workshop and we’ll see. Do you think that a normal electric drill machine can be used for it?

        Regards, Mila Simer

      • Hi Miloslav,
        I just used a wheel mounted sensor that I turned by hand to advance the reading. You could create pulses just by passing a piece of metal in close proximity to the end of the sensor. A think that using a drill could be done, but you would need to be careful to not damage the sensor. A drill might be a little too much unless you are careful. Remember that you can adjust the calibration factor to reduce the number of pulses to change the reading. Also you do not need big values on the display to see how the unit works and how much adjustment that you have.

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