The Arnolt-MG Car

The man behind the Arnolt-MG was Stanley H. Arnolt.  For some reason or other, everything that I’ve read about him said that he was known as “Wacky” Arnolt, yet nobody ever explained why.  From what I’ve seen and read, I would not call him “Wacky”.

Advertisement for the Arnolt-MG

Arnolt was an industrialist who made a great deal of money by buying the rights to an out-of-date engine known as the “Sea-Mite”.  Evidently this engine was first made to power yachts that no one could afford in the 1930s.  However it turned out that the engine was very good to power some small military boats.  During World War II, his motor was used in many boats and he made a lot of money.

After the war he started an automobile business in downtown Chicago in which he sold multiple brands of British cars.

In 1952, Arnolt went to the Turin Auto Show, likely looking for other cars to sell.  At that show Arnolt met with Nuccio Bertone, who was displaying two MG TD with coachwork in the hope of drumming up some business.  Arnolt struck a deal with Bertone to have the cars made in his name.  Thus was the birth of the Arnolt-MG.

The Arnolt-MG Coupe

The design of the Arnolt-MG has a flow to it as compared to the edginess of the MG TD.

The Arnolt-MG is a Very Attractive Car

The Arnolt-MG was significantly different from the MG TD as the Arnolt-MG was a four-seat car as compared to the two-seat MG TD.

Some of the Arnolt-MG Cars Have a Grill With Vertical Bars While Others Have a Mesh-Type Grill.

The price of the Arnolt-MG was $3,145 which was about 133% of the price of the MG TD and only $500 less than the Jaguar XK120 which was much more powerful and frankly looked great.

 An Arnolt-MG Convertible

A total of 103 Arnolt-MG cars have been documented as built between 1953 and 1954 (67 coupes and 36 convertibles).  The production of the Arnolt-MG ended when the production of the MG TD was shut down for the production of the MG TF.

Arnolt-MG Interior Is Very Attractive

After the production of the Arnolt-MG was stopped, Arnolt looked around for another car to build.  After a couple of dead-end trials, Arnolt began to build the Arnolt-Bristol.  I will discuss this car in a subsequent posting.

By the way, as I was researching the Arnolt-MG, I referred to the “Standard Guide to British Sports Cars” which was written by John Gunnell.  There is no write-up on the Arnolt-MG, but there is a good write-up on the Arnolt-Bristol, except that all of the pictures in the Arnolt-Bristol write-up are of the Arnolt-MG.

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2 Responses to The Arnolt-MG Car

  1. Sergio Conte says:

    The Arnolt-MG Coupe & Arnolt-MG Convertible has the allure of a Lancia (Aurelia), except that I think it”s even more beautiful.

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