Typical Route Instruction Sheet From The Baden Classic Rally

Yesterday I posted a copy of a sample timing sheet from the upcoming Baden Classic Rally which will be held later this month in Baden, Germany.  Once again I will be competing in this rally this year as the navigator for Harald von Langsdorff.  I got a comment to that post requesting that I post a copy of a typical route instruction sheet from the rally.  To that end I have posted a copy of a page from the instructions that were used last year.  I don’t have the complete rally instructions, but the sheet shown below is a page of revised instructions that was distributed during the rally.

Sample Route Instruction from the 2011 Baden Classic Rally

As you can see, the instructions use the tulip system, which makes it easier for an English-speaking competitor, like me, to take part in a rally conducted entirely in German.

The distances on the left side of the page are the total and incremental distances to the instructions measured in kilometers.  The distances on the right hand side of the page are the total distances to the instructions measured in miles.  These dual units are very helpful as some odometers, at least some stock odometers, of some of the older cars might read in miles.

In general, the instructions were understandable and when I was not comfortable that I understood the instruction, I showed the instruction to my driver, who is fluent in German.  The hardest part was pronouncing the German words when I needed to.

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3 Responses to Typical Route Instruction Sheet From The Baden Classic Rally

  1. elementguy says:

    I have an iPad app that generates tulips in that format. Would love to see a rally in the US that was run essentially under the same system.

  2. NOVA Curmudgeon says:

    You’re braver than I would ever be doing a rally in German! Thank goodness for Harald. Best of luck to the two of you.

    • Yes, thank goodness for Harald. It is a comfort having Harald being able to speak/read German. The route instructions are not too difficult to understand, but the bulletins are very difficult for me and the drivers’ meetings are almost impossible for me.

      Thanks for the good wishes!


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