Terratrip Offers to Revise and Update The Terratrip 101 Plus

As some of you who read this website know, I recently acquired a Terratrip 101 Plus odometer to use to compete in the upcoming Baden Classic Rally in Germany later this month.  The Terratrip 101 Plus is a basic single display odometer that was recently introduced to the marketplace as a replacement for the old style Terratrip 1 odometer.

I wrote a review of my Terratrip 101 Plus on March 26, 2012 in which I identified a quirk in the “Dis Set” function in which the wrong number would be entered into the odometer display.  I also complained that it was not possible to making slight adjustments to the odometer value on the fly.  Anytime the odometer needed revising the “Dis Set” procedure needed to be followed.

Today a got a couple of messages from Terratrip in which the Terratrip folks are going to revise the Terratrip 101 Plus software to eliminate the quirk that I discovered in the “Dis Set” function.  Further, they will be revising the functions of the arrow up (shaped by the 7 digit) and arrow down (shared by the 9 digit) buttons to allow for on the fly odometer adjustment.  According to the Terratrip folks, they will also create the ability to increase the odometer reading by 0.01 by pushing the arrow up button once.  Each time the arrow up button is pushed, the odometer display value will be increased by 0.01.  Conversely, the odometer display value will be decreased by 0.01 everytime the arrow down button is pushed.  These two changes will drastically improve the operation of the Terratrip 101 Plus by resolving the current lack of ability to make small adjustements.

There are some timing issues to get my Terratrip 101 Plus updated, as I will be leaving to go to Germany in about 2 weeks.  However, the Terratrip people will send my revised Terratrip 101 Plus odometer to an address in Germany, where I can pick it up before the Baden Classic Rally starts.

I am pleased that Terratrip has stepped up and agreed to upgrade and improve the features of the Terratrip 101 Plus.  I am sure that the future users of this basic odometer will be much more satisfied with the operation of the Terratrip 101 Plus after these improvements are made.  I will report on the use of the Terratrip 101 Plus during the upcoming Baden Classic Rally when I return from Germany.

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2 Responses to Terratrip Offers to Revise and Update The Terratrip 101 Plus

  1. Carl Verboom says:

    Hello Steve,

    I find it very interesting reading your site, and your revieuw of the Terratrip 101 Plus. Do you know if Terratrip has made the improvements you mentioned to the 101, and if so, from which serial number. I am interested in buying one, but some detailers perhaps have some old stock, and i don’t want to buy a 101 in which the improvements haven’t been made.

    And another question, do you know if Terratrip has plans to introduce a 202 in the same or similar configuration as this new 101?

    Greetings from the Netherlands,


    Carl Verboom

    • Hi Carl,
      The Terratrip 101 Plus that I have, as modified by the Terratrip folks, is a wonderful odometer and I would highly recommended it when a simple, straight-forward odometer is needed.

      Unfortunately, I do not know if all of the units have been modified as mine was. However I think that all of the units made from last spring (let’s say from May 2012 forward) had the modification that made the entered distance number the same as the dispalyed distance number. In other words, the difference between them of 0.01 has been eliminated. I do not know if the requested adjustability features that my Terratrip 101 Plus unit now has have been included in all of the production units. I suggest that you contact Terratrip directly. I had great success and communications with the Terratrip people about my Terratrip 101 Plus.

      I also do not know of any plans to change the Terratrip 202. As you probably know, they did come a couple of years ago with a “Classic” Terratrip 202 that had the Speed function disabled in order to acceptable for some classic or oldtimer rally events. The Terratrip 202 is also a good unit. I have one of the older traditional Terratrip 202 units, which is good for stage rallies. It is interesting that my 202 was apparently used to help plan and layout some of the events for the Winter Olympics when they were held in Salt Lake City in the USA.

      Thanks for including the picture of your BMW! It is very nice looking car and very competent rally car. Looking at the rally license plate on the front of the car, it has the same shape and color as the old Tulip Rally. What was the rally where that picture was taken?

      Good luck!
      Steve McKelvie

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