Boston Area Rally Social on March 25, 2012

I got an email from Niall Johnson earlier this month about an event that might interest people with an interest in cars.  For some time there have been occasional get-togethers of people in the Boston area who have an interest in rallying.  This weekend another gathering will take place in Cambridge, MA.  Following is the message that I received from Niall:
Save the date for the Boston area rally social: Sunday 25Mar 4:30 to 8:00 @ The Summer Shack Lounge at Alewife in Cambridge, Ma.
I know it’s an odd location but they have a good-sized lounge, great food, pool tables, a wide variety of drinks & beer and plenty of free parking.  Plus it is right at the bottom of the Route 2 hill, so not too bad a drive for people from Northern Mass and southern NH. Although I know a lot of you guys are pretty far out in the hinterlands, and its a long drive on a Sunday, I want to include you all in the invite.
This will be a good time for teams to catch up before the very big 2012 North East Rally season kicks off in April. I encourage people to drive their rally cars if they can.  (Plenty of space for trailers if you’d like to tow)
Direction from route 2 north or south: turn west on to Cambridge Park Drive, 75,  L3, (at first traffic light), 25, ! kick, 25 stop/park.  Entry is to the left of 25 foot tall fisherman.  The lounge is up the stairs and to the left (not to be confused with the bar in the dinning area).
See you there. I’ll be the guy head-first in a big bowl of Bermudian chowder burping up Mojitos…
Cheers, Niall

I am not sure whether or not I be there, but it’s on my to-do list.  These are fun events.

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