My New Clock For “Great Race” Type Speed-Time Rallies

This week I acquired a slightly-used clock that is approved for “Great Race” type events by the Vintage Car Rally Association (VCRA).  The clock is also suitable for use in the rallies that are held by the Northeast Rally Club.  This large face battery-powered clock was specially manufactured for rally competition purposes.

Sawtooth Rally Clock

The clock was made on a limited basis by Sawtooth.  It is my understanding that the clocks were made by a person on a part-time basis.  If I look closely at the Sawtooth name on the clock, I see a couple of teeth, so perhaps the builder is a dentist.

The face of the Sawtooth clock has a diameter of 6 inches.  This large face makes it easy to read the second-hand.  In addition, if you look carefully around the perimeter of the face, the builder added in all of the second identifiers, so one does not have to count the divisions to read the second (or minute) value at a quick glance.

The Sawtooth clock uses a continuous sweep second-hand which is much easier to set and read as compared to the jumping second-hand style.  The other nice feature of this Sawtooth clock is that the builder has made every attempt to reduce the “slack” in the minute hand, so that gravity does not distort minute hand reading.

The clock is battery-powered, therefore the time keeping of this clock is very reliable as compared to wind-up mechanical clocks.

I am very glad to get this clock and to add this clock to my supply of rally navigation equipment.   I look forward having an opportunity to use this clock at some event in the future.  So if anyone is looking for a navigator for a speed-time rally, put on by the Vintage Car Rally Association or the Northeast Rally Club, then I will be prepared with good equipment.

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2 Responses to My New Clock For “Great Race” Type Speed-Time Rallies

  1. david wells says:

    Hi Steve,
    I live in Ontario and am investigating possible entry in the 2017 great race.
    I have a 1968 Morgan Plus 4 four seater which may be a suitable vehicle. I have some experience with rough road rallies (service crew) in Africa but not driving timed events like TSD rallies.
    I would be interested to hear from you as I would need a competent experienced navigator. I have not entered the great race before, so would have to go in the rookie class.
    Am a competent and capable mechanic (need to be with these old cars). I have refurbished this car from scratch and I am sure he would be up to such an event. He had about 4500 miles since the rebuild and has had no problems. The 2017 event runs from Traverse City Michigan to Jacksonville Florida, so would e about as close to us as this event will everr get.. I would enter as a private entry.
    Best regards
    david wells

    • Hi David,
      The Great Race is an interesting event and your Morgan would be a suitable car. I don’t know if there have been other Morgans in the Great Race before or not. I will contact you by private email message to discuss this matter further.
      Steve McKelvie

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