2012 Alcan 5000 Rally Complete Final Results

This morning I got a brief note from Bob Vogel in which he included an image of the complete final results of the 2012 Alcan 5000 rally.  The results are shown below:

In addition to the final results, Bob included the following note:

Here are the results!
Although Annette and I were DNF that had to do with our decision (along with some other cars) to stay at Eagle Plains, the halfway house on the Dempster to wait for the northern half to reopen so we could get to the Extreme Control of Tuk.  Of course that was eliminated as a control because the road was closed, but 2 TSDs that we had previously run in Whitehorse were substituted and that involved casts under 30 mph through a hospital parking lot.  Tuk was a better choice for us but it took two nights for the winds to subside, the stuck trucks to be dug out and the road plowed.  Despite it all we were congratulated for getting to Tuk and then making to Anchorage in time for the finishing ceremonies.  This was a great event!

This is the ice road sign in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. on the Arctic Ocean.  Gasoline, after monetary and volume correction was $6.38 a gallon cash only, regular unleaded only.

Obviously Bob and the rest of the competitors had quite an adventure taking part in this rally.

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