Red Bull Racing Introduces 2012 Formula 1 Car

Red Bull Racing has released some images of their 2012 Formula 1 car.  When I look at their car, I wonder about the interaction between Red Bull and Ferrari.  Are they looking over each other’s shoulder?  In general, there seems to be some overall similarity between the 2012 Ferrari F1 car and the Red Bull Racing F1 car.  I suppose that there is an optimum shape for these cars and perhaps this is just the evolution of the design open wheel race cars.

2012 Red Bull Racing Formula 1 Car 

Another aspect of the design of the 2012 Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car and the 2012 Ferrari Formula 1 car is the amount of bodywork in front of the front wheels.  All of this bodywork on these cars will look even bigger as the starting grid heads into Turn 1 at most race tracks.  I wonder how many front wings will get damaged getting through Turn 1 during the start? How many front wings will get damaged during passing?  I recommend that the Formula 1 teams bring several additional front wings to the races and practice replacing them during a pit stop.

Testing of the 2012 Formula 1 cars will begin in a few days.  It appears that if the designs of all of the cars begin to evolve into similar designs, then perhaps the racing will get tighter.  It also could mean that if a team’s aero package design does not match or be similar to the competition then that team could find itself near the back of the pack.  I suppose that team could find itself near the front if they find the “magic” design, but these Formula 1 teams have some very bright people working for them.  The testing times should be interesting, if there is not too much sandbagging going on.

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