Perce Neige Rally Opens 2012 CARS Season

It  looks like last year’s Canadian rally champions are going to be hard to beat this year.  Antoine L’Estage/Nathalie Richard got off to a great title defense by winning the 2012 Rallye Perce Neige.  In fact this was the fifth time that L’Estage has won this classic Canadian winter snow rally!

One of the principal challengers to L’Estage, former Canadian champion Pat Richard DNF’d as a result of mechanical problems on Stage 8B.  Another of the top runners, Bruno Carre/Yvan Joyal rolled on Stage 12B, lost about 7 minutes getting going again, and went from what looked like a top three finish to a final 8th place position.

Crazy Leo Urlichich/Carl Williamson had an interesting rally.  They had some sheet metal damage as a result of hitting a telephone pole and took 6 minutes in penalties for checking into a control early (twice), but still wound up with a second place finish!  Perhaps it’s not Crazy Leo; it’s “Lucky” Leo!

Finishing in third position at the 2012 Rallye Perce Neige was the father and son team of Sylvain & Simon Vincent.  Anytime a rally is being run on snow, you can count on Sylvain Vincent being near the front!

In 2WD at the 2012 Rallye Perce Neige, Peter Kochandrie with co-driver Angela Cosner finished in 12th place Overall, but 40 minutes ahead of the next 2WD car.  Very impressive results!

A Massachusetts entry, from the nearby town of Holliston, Sergei Grishechkin/Ksenia Prokofjeva had a DNF due to mechanical issues.  Several years ago, I was Sergei’s co-driver in this same rally.

The 2012 Rallye Perce Neige had a good entry of over 40 cars.  If you want to see or take part in a wintery stage rally, then this is one of the best!

The final national results from the 2012 Rallye Perce Neige are presented below:

Final Results 2012 Rallye Perce Neige

Driver Co-driver Pos. Class Cl   P. Penalties Results
Antoine L’Estage Nathalie Richard 1 O 1 2:45:18.8
Leonid Urlichich Carl Williamson 2 O 2 6:00.0 2:53:56.0
Sylvain Vincent Simon Vincent 3 O 3 2:59:11.5
Mathieu Dubé Éric Losier 4 O 4 3:01:01.2
Simon Losier Brian Maxwell 5 O 5 3:02:43.7
Joël Levac Stéphanie Lewis 6 O 6 3:02:58.8
Steeve Hobbs Jean-Mathieu Tremblay 7 O 7 3:03:38.9
Bruno Carré Yvan Joyal 8 O 8 2:00.0 3:04:17.2
Warren Haywood John Hall 9 PGT 1 3:15:07.9
Maxime Rochefort-Laframboise Jérome Milette 10 O 9 3:17:47.0
Martin Donnelly James Drake 11 O 10 3:19:05.1
Peter Kocandrle Angela Cosner 12 G2 1 3:25:21.8
Alexandre Rochon-Ouellette Nicholas Rochon-Ouellette 13 PGT 2 3:25:50.2
Martin Walter Ferdinand Trauttmansdorff 14 G5 1 2:00.0 4:06:13.1
Jean-Marc Lord Michaël Morin 15 G2 2 5:20.0 4:13:55.4
Alvin Fong Billy Machin 16 O 11 16:30.0 4:14:16.3
Yavor Klostranec Emily Dowell 17 PS 1 4:25:23.7
Jean-Charles Carrière Catherine Asselin 18 PS 2 4:29:02.9
André Leblanc René Leblanc 19 O 7:03:10.4
Maxime Méconse Sajan Seyan 20 O 2:00.0 7:26:34.6
Richard Kirton Aaron Crescenti 21 PS 7:27:58.7
Francois Gauvreau Guillaume Roussin 22 PS 0:20.0 7:31:38.1
François Simard Ghislain Matte 23 O 7:32:59.9
Jeremy Carle Logan McAlear 24 O 10:00.0 7:41:00.4
Ian Crerar Doug Draper . O . 4:00.0 DNF
Jean-François Kirouac Marie-Josée Lacroix . O DNF
Vittorio Bares Mark Vartanian . O . 6:00.0 DNF
Martin Losier Patrick Losier . O . DNF
Thierry Menegoz Guillaume Béchard . G2 . 1:00.0 DNF
Marc Bourassa Daniel Paquette . O . DNF
Keith Townsend Jen Horsey . O . DNF
Patrick Richard Alan Ockwell . O . DNF
Éric Deschênes Jean-Marc Barsalou . PS 2:10.0 DNF
Craig Henderson Lyne Murphy . O . DNF
Sergei Grishechkin Ksenia Prokofjeva . G2 . DNF
Michelle Laframboise Dean Hopkins . O . 6:00.0 DNF
Chris Martin Brian Johnson . O . DNF
Max Riddle Aaron Neumann . O . DNF
Ugo Desgreniers Erik Kirby . O . 0:10.0 DNF
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