2012 Sno*Drift Rally Summary

The first event in the 2012 Rally America season took place this past weekend with the running of the Sno*Drift Rally in Michigan.  Subaru took off from their results last year by continuing their winning ways. David Higgins in the Subaru STI won by almost two minutes over Antoine L’Estage in a new Mitsubishi Evo.  The Super Production Class entrant team of Hanson/Hanson finished third Overall in a Subaru.

Higgins/Drew With at Sno*Drift 2012 in a Subaru

In the Open Class, Burke/Robinson finished third behind the Higgins and L’Estage.

Hanson/Hanson won the Super Production Class with O’Sullivan/Putnam coming in second place in a Mitsubishi with Sterckx/Janowski finishing in third with a Subaru.

The 2WD Drive Class was all about Chris Duplessis.  The team of Duplessis/Atkinson in their Ford Fiesta R2 won the 2WD Class by almost 6 minutes over Comrie-Picard/Wimpey in a Scion xD.  Finishing in third place some 21 seconds behind Comrie-Picard/Wimpey was Van Way/Blattner in a Ford Fiesta.

Chris Duplessis Dominated the 2WD Class at Sno*Drift

In addition to the national Rally America series, there also were two Regional rallies at this event with the Sno Rally being held on Friday and the Drift Rally on Saturday.  The top three finishers in the Sno Rally were Zenz/Parps, Siegler/Goodman, and Weir/Nichols.  It should be noted that the team of Zenz/Parps were in a 1988 Mazda 323 GTX.  It has been long time since a Mazda 323 GTX has finished first in a major North American stage rally.

In Saturday’s Drift Rally, the top three finishers were Zenz/Parps and Siegler/Goodman again in the first two positions with Krolikowski/Krolikowski coming in third palce.

In summary, it seems that the Sno*Drift Rally has provided a window on the remaining Rally America season.  It appears that once again Higgins and L’Estage will be fighting for the Overall and Open Class victory.  In the 2WD Class, it seems that Chris Duplessis is significantly faster than his challengers.  There is another aspect of the Sno*Drift Rally that I hope is indicative of the remaining 2012 rallies – a rather larger entry field.

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