Canadian Journalists in Italy’s Winter Marathon Rally

Early in January I got a note from Brian Harper asking me about the Winter Marathon rally.  Brian is the Deputy Editor of the Driving Section of the National Post, a major Canadian newspaper.  Brian said that he was going to be driving a Porsche 356 in this year’s Winter Marathon rally.  We exchanged a couple of emails about the rally and Brian said that he would send me the story about his participation in the rally after he returned.

Brian Harper/Matt Bubbers Competing In The Winter Marathon Rally With a Porsche 356

As he said he would do, Brian sent me a link to his story about the great opportunity that he had to take part in this classic European rally.  Please click on the following link to connect to Brian’s story:

Brian told me about Harper’s Rule of Infrequent Competition , so I new what his approach to the rally would be.  What is not said in Brian’s story is that the Porsche 356 that they were driving was a car that came out of a museum for this rally.  So this was not a “driver” Porsche; it was a “museum” Porsche, so I am sure that there was a great deal of extra pressure not to damage the car.  This would be even a greater challenge in the weather conditions that they had.

Enjoy Brian’s story!

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2 Responses to Canadian Journalists in Italy’s Winter Marathon Rally

  1. Harald von Langsdorff says:

    Great story by Brian (I love those European TSDs).
    I met Brian him at the Targa Newfoundland 2003 where he was also in a Mini Cooper S .
    I wonder how the heating was in his Porsche?

  2. Bob Vogel says:

    I will keep Harper’s Rule of Infrequent Competition in mind during the upcoming Winter ALCAN 5000.

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