Triumph Introduces a Steve McQueen Limited Edition Motorcycle

Recently Triumph Motorcycles introduced the Steve McQueen Limited Edition Bonneville T-100 motorcycle.  The motorcycle has skid plate, matt khaki and black livery which makes the bike look much like a World War II motorcycle.  Also note how the Triumph name is stenciled onto the side of the gas tank.

Triumph’s New Steve McQueen Limited Edition Bonneville

This look is based on the Triumph TR6 motorcycle that McQueen rode in the movie “The Great Escape”.  Many people will remember the scene in the movie when McQueen’s riding buddy and motorcycle stunt double, Bud Ekins, attempted to jump over a barbed wire fence to complete his escape from a German prisoner of war camp.

Steve McQueen During Filming “The Great Escape”

The Steve McQueen Triumph Bonneville will be a limited production motorcycle with only a total of 1,100 bikes scheduled to be built.  Of this total 345 bikes will be imported into the USA where they will have a suggested sale price of $9,999.

The style of this bike takes some getting used to.  Many buyers will like the exclusivity of this bike, but I prefer a little more chrome bling on a motorcycle.

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2 Responses to Triumph Introduces a Steve McQueen Limited Edition Motorcycle

  1. Rob Bleck says:

    What do you think this bike will be worth after all are sold out in the U.S.?

    • Hi Rob,
      I don’t really know the answer to your question (no one does), but my initial thought is that I don’t think that these bikes will reach “investor” status. This is just my off the cuff opinion, mostly based on demographics. Most of the people who remember Steve McQueen are getting to be old buggers. The Great Escape movie was made in 1963, which now almost 50 years ago. So I just don’t see the demand growing over the years as memory of the movie and to a lessor extent Steve McQueen start to fade away from the public. Don’t get me wrong, I these that these bikes might always have a slight premium, but I would not expect anyone to get rich from these bikes.

      They are nice bikes and I would like to have one, however I am satisfied with my own Triumph Bonneville.

      Steve McKelvie

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