Harald & I Submit Bid on Two Saab Museum Cars

This past week the bankruptcy receivers were taking bids for more that the 100 cars that are part of the Saab Museum.  This sale has become necessary as Saab has filed for bankruptcy and the creditors are trying to get as much money as they can from the remaining assets.  My friend and frequent rally partner Harald von Langsdorff exchanged emails about the cars that were being put up for sale.  We noticed that two of the cars had competed in the 2011 running of the Mille Miglia rally.  The Mille Miglia rally might be the most prestigious rally in the world at this time and just getting a car accepted for the rally is quite difficult.  For example, this year they already have about 1,600 applicants for the 375 starting positions.  Many very elegant, very expensive cars are not accepted.  So when Mille Miglia eligible cars are for sale it provides an opportunity for someone to be able to enter the Mille Miglia.  As a result of these discussions, Harald and I pooled some funds and submitted a bid.

Harald von Langsdorff and I Have Submitted a Bid for These Two Saab Museum Cars

These two Saabs are each 1957 93A models.  This is the same Saab car that entered the 1957 Mille Miglia and won its class.  The cars have been completely restored by workers at the Saab Museum.  In the 2011 Mille Miglia, one car was entered by the technical director of Saab and the Saab Museum director while the other Saab was entered by the CEO of Spyker Cars and his wife.

One of the Cars Being Restored

We understand that over 500 bids have been submitted for the more than 100 cars, with some of the bids being for the entire collection.  The town of Trollhattan is also interested in buying the collection to allow for the continuation of the Saab Museum in the town that was home for Saab.  We expect to find out if we are successful with our bid this week.  If we are unsuccessful, then I hope that collection will remain essentially intact and that the museum continues in some fashion.

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4 Responses to Harald & I Submit Bid on Two Saab Museum Cars

  1. Hi Steve,

    You’re in Ontario, correct? We here at Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car would be very interested in following up with you, if you end up as winning bidders. Feel free to contact me directly, if you’re interested.


    • Hi Dave,
      Actually, I’m in Franklin, Massachusetts and Harald is in Ontario. I will contact you directly.


      PS: I subscribe to Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car – great magazine!

  2. NOVA Curmudgeon says:


    I’ve heard the billionaire Wallenberg family of Sweden have bought the museum in its entirety and will, along with the city of Trollhatten, keep the collection in place and open to the public.

    • From my perspective, this is a bad news/good news thing. The bad news is that our bid for the two Saab 93A cars was not successful. But the good news is that the Saab Museum will continue on. So I guess if we could not get a car, then it is good that people will be able to see a fine collection of Saab cars in their ancestoral home, Trollhattan. Perhaps someday I’ll get over to see those cars!


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