Tiger Rally Route Finalized

Next November, a group of automotive rally adventurers will depart Penang, Malaysia to participate in the Tiger Rally.  Twenty three days later the Tiger Rally will end in Bangkok, Thailand.  The Tiger Rally, is an endurance rally that will be organized by H&H Classic Rallies.

Last week I got a brochure about the Tiger Rally and it looks like a fine event with a very interesting route through some exotic areas.  As a navigator, I was impressed that each team will be provided with the route fully loaded in a GPS unit in addition to the normal route book.  For those who are a little nervous about such an event, I noticed that the rally organizers will be providing a back-up English-speaking doctor to look after the crew in the car and also will be providing a mechanic to assist in dealing with problems with the participants’ cars.

The rally will have both regularity and selective sections for those who like a little competition, as well as a Touring Class for those who just want to enjoy the drive.

I have attached the brochure about the Tiger Rally, which provides much more information about the rally.  Click on the following file:

H&H Rallies Tiger Rally Brochure

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