Saab Museum Cars Now On Sale; But Hurry!

I just found out yesterday that the Saab Museum cars are being put up for sale by the bankruptcy trustees.  As anybody who looks at this website might remember, I have been following the issue around the Saab Museum cars, but what caught me by surprise is rather short window that the trustees are providing for prospective buyers.  The sale was announced on January 13 and closes on January 20!  Perhaps that works for local purchasers, but it is not very much time for foreign buyers.  And this is a big sale, there are more than 100 cars involved.

Scene From Saab Museum

Obviously there are some significant cars involved in this sale.

 Saab 96 at the Larz Andersen Museum of Transportation

A list of the cars that are for sale, sorry it’s in Swedish, is provided in the following file:

List of Saab Museum Cars For Sale

Another listing, with photographs, is also provided below:

Description and Photos of Saab Museum Cars

It should be interesting to see how this sale turns out.

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2 Responses to Saab Museum Cars Now On Sale; But Hurry!

  1. mcurpine says:

    Shame to see the collection going.

    • I believe that the Saab Museum collection is actually not going anywhere. Refer to a comment that was made to my post of January 22, 2012, when I posted about Harald von Langsdorff and myself putting in a bid for a couple of the Saab Museum cars. It turns out that a very wealthy Swedish family, with previous Saab ownership ties and the Town of Trollhattan have bought the entire collection of Saab Museum cars. It is their intention to continue to operate the collection as a museum in Trollhattan. This is one of the few good news stories to come out of the Saab bankruptcy.

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