2012 Dakar Results: Stage 13

To my surprise, the Bike Class at the 2012 Dakar is not coming down to the last stage.  In fact, it was decided today as Marc Coma had major gearbox problems, plus he was assigned a 1 hour penalty for replacing mechanical components.

As  result of Coma’s problems on Stage 13, Cyril Despres will almost certainly win the Bike Class at 2012 Dakar.  He is now almost an hour ahead of Coma, so in absence of a complete mechanical failure, Despres can almost cruise to victory tomorrow during the relatively short final Dakar stage.

Regardless of the penalty to Coma, Despres was pushing on Stage 13, finishing only 47 seconds behind the stage winner Rodriques on a Yamaha.  Another KTM rider, Viladoms finished third, with two Husqvarna riders, Barreda Bort and Goncalves finishing 4th and 5th, respectively.  I think that the Husqvarna team will be satisfied with their results so far at the 2012 Dakar.

Results: Bikes Stage 13  
1 Rodrigues Yamaha
2 Despres KTM 0:47
3 Viladoms KTM 3:00
4 Barreda Bort Husqvarna 5:13
5 Goncalves Husqvarna 5:46
Bikes:   Overall Results After Stage 13
1 Despres KTM
2 Coma KTM 56:03
3 Rodriques Yamaha 1:11:27
4 Viladoms KTM 1:41:12
5 Svitko KTM 1:49:36

The competition between Despres and Coma was very close all through the 2012 Dakar.  These are two very impressive Dakar competitors!

De Villiers Pounds Through the Sand on Stage 13

The Car class remains virtually decided with Stephane Peterhansel winning Stage 13 and extending his lead over second place Nani Roma to about 43 minutes.

Robby Gordon had another interesting day in the 2012 Dakar.  Before today’s stage started, he vowed to win the stage in a dominating way over the MINIs.  As a result, he was pushing hard; too hard in fact, as he put the Hummer on its roof while running several minutes ahead of the MINIs.  The roll cost Gordon a tremendous amount of time and he ended up finishing 10th on Stage 13, 36 minutes behind the stage winner Peterhansel in a MINI. 

Cars: Results Stage 13  
1 Peterhansel MINI
2 De Villiers Toyota 8:29
3 Novitskiy MINI 12:55
4 Sousa Great Wall 13:39
5 Alvarez Toyota 14:57
10 Gordon Hummer 36:01
Results:   Cars After Stage 13  
1 Peterhansel MINI
2 Roma MINI 42:57
3 De Villiers Toyota 1:15:09
4 Novitskiy MINI 2:12:56
5 Gordon Hummer 2:20:05
6 Alvarez Toyota 4:07:03

The Overall postions in the Car class are likely to remain unchanged.  The final Dakar stage tomorrow is only about 29 miles long.  Robby Gordon is a little more than 7 minutes behind Novitskiy in 4th.  Can Robby Gordon beat Novitskiy by more than 7 minutes on a 29 mile stage?  That would be quite a feat.  I think that Robby Gordon’s co-driver/navigator, Johnny Campbell, should make sure that his belts are tight tomorrow.  

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