2012 Dakar Final Results

The 2012 Dakar ended today with no surprises.  In the Bike Class,  Despres won with Roma finishing in the runner-up position, both riders on KTM bikes.  Rodrigues finished third on a Yamaha in the race for the best of the rest.

Results: Bikes Stage 14
1 Ullevalseter KTM
2 Coma KTM 1:08
3 Svitko KTM 1:43
4 Farres Guell KTM 2:01
5 Botturi KTM 2:11
10 Despres KTM 3:51
Bikes:   Overall Results After Stage 14 (Final)
1 Despres KTM
2 Coma KTM 53:20
3 Rodrigues Yamaha 1:11:17
4 Viladoms KTM 1:40:56
5 Svitko KTM 1:47:28

In the Car Class, Stephane Peterhansel won his 1oth Dakar (6 on a motorcycle and 4 in a car) in a MINI.  Nani Roma was second in another MINI – hopefully disproving Robby Gordon’s comment that MINIs are for girls.

Gineil De Villiers finished third in a Toyota and I think that Toyota will be back next year looking for a win.  A third MINI driven by Novitskiy finished third.

The American, Robby Gordon, finished fifth in his Hummer.  Gordon had a very interesting Dakar and clearly demonstrated that the Hummer is the fastest car in the class, but he needs to find ways to eliminate the negative things that can happen in the Dakar.  He, as do all Dakar competitors, be better prepared for the unexpected.  While Robby did not win, it appears to me that he garnered more media interest than the other entrants which should please his sponsors.

Cars: Results Stage 14
1 Gordon Hummer
2 Leal Dos Santos MINI 0:21
3 Holowczyc MINI 0:38
4 De Villiers Toyota 1:28
5 Sousa Great Wall 1:36
8 Roma MINI 2:11
10 Peterhansel MINI 3:12
Results:   Cars Overall After Stage 14 (Final)
1 Peterhansel MINI
2 Roma MINI 41:56
3 De Villiers Toyota 1:13:25
4 Novitskiy MINI 2:11:54
5 Gordon Hummer 2:16:53

The Dakar TV availability was not very good and initially there was little information about the TV schedule.  Hopefully this will improve next year.

Finally, I congratulate all of the competitors who finished this gruelling event.  To finish Dakar is to achieve victory.

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