2012 Dakar Results: Stage 12

On Stage 12 of the 2012 Dakar, Marc Coma managed to win the stage in the Bike class by almost 4 minutes over the 4th place finish of Cyril Despres.  As a result the battle for first Overall in the Bike class is still on and remains extremely competitive between the two KTM riders.

Barreda Bort on his Husqvarna finished second on the stage 2:43 behind Coma.  Viladoms finished 3rd on another KTM 3:10 behind Coma.

Results: Bikes Stage 12
1 Coma KTM
2 Barreda Bort Husqvarna 2:43
3 Viladoms KTM 3:10
4 Despres KTM 3:57
5 Goncalves Husqvarna 5:25
Results:   Bikes Overall After Stage 12
1 Coma KTM
2 Despres KTM 1:35
3 Rodrigues Yamaha 1:13:49
4 Viladoms KTM 1:40:34
5 Svitko KTM 1:41:45

Coma is now in first place Overall in the bike class only 1:35 ahead of Despres.  The race continues and it looks like it will come down to the very end.  These two riders are in a class of their own.  On Stage 13, Despres will start 6 minutes on the road behind Coma and will have three sets of tracks to follow.  This might make it a little easier for him and when the race is this close every little advantage is big.

De Villiers Speeds Across the Peruvian Landscape

Robby Gordon drove with a vengeance today and won the stage by 15:18 over Novotskiy in the MINI. Actually it is interesting that four different manufacturers are represented in the four fastest cars on Stage 12.  Gordon is quite angered about the potential exclusion from Dakar and he is determined to win all of the remaining stages as a show of superiority to the MINI team who lodged the complaint against Gordon’s tire air pressure management system.  Gordon was quoted as saying: “MINIs are for girls” and invited the MINI team to “Kiss my ass!”

Results: Cars Stage 12
1 Gordon Hummer
2 Novitskiy MINI 15:18
3 De Villiers Toyota 22:06
4 Ten Brinke Mitsubishi 23:15
5 Roma MINI 23:38
Results:   Cars Overall After Stage 12
1 Peterhansel MINI
2 Roma MINI 20:00
3 De Villiers Toyota 1:06:40
4 Gordon Hummer 1:44:04
5 Novitskiy MINI 2:00:01

Gordon is still a long way behind Peterhansel and although he might win all of the remaining stages, it would take a complete collapse of Peterhansel and Roma in order for Gordon to win the 2012 Dakar.  And there’s that exclusion to deal with as well.

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