Dakar 2012 Day 3 Results

Day 3 at Dakar 2012 saw some major changes in the bike class.  KTM factory rider Despres won Stage 3 and took over the overall lead.  Verhoeven on a Sherco finished second on the stage, but was a whole 8:37 behind Despres!  As a result of a navigational error, the Day 2 Overall leader Marc Coma finished 6th on the stage but was 13:04 behind his KTM team mate Despres and now is in second place overall 10:12 behind Coma.  This is typical of how things can go wrong quickly at the Dakar.

Results: Bikes Stage 3
1 Despres KTM
2 Verhoeven Sherco 8:37
3 Goncalves Husqvarna 8:39
4 Rodriques Yamaha 10:03
5 Casteu Yamaha 11:42
6 Coma KTM 13:04
Results:   Overall Bikes After Stage 3
1 Despres KTM
2 Coma KTM 10:12
3 Casteu Yamaha 17:16
4 Lopez Aprilia 17:37
5 Rodriques Yamaha 19:49

The MINI team had a good Day 3 with two cars, Roma and Holowczyc, finishing 1-2.  With his finish on Day 3, Holowczyc mnoves up from 3rd Overall into first place in the car class.  Nasser Al-Attiyah in his Hummer finished 3rd 1:29 behind Roma which brings him up to 6:34 behind Holowczyc.

De Villiers had a great day finishing 4th on the day and moving him up to 3rd Overall just 1:40 behind the leader.  Robby Gordon also had a great day despite finishing 5th on the Day 3 stage.  With the movement among the lead cars, Gordon started Day 3 in second place overall 2:28 behind the leader and ended Day 3 still in second place Overall, but now only 0:54 behind.

The lead car that got hurt the most on Day 3 was Peterhansel.  He started Day 3 in first place Overall, but he finished 7th on the stage today, 6:23 behind the Day 3 stage winner.  Peterhansel had a problem with tire punctures which caused him the lose a substantial amount of time.  Peterhansel ended the day in 5th place Overall, 2:42 behind the new leader, his MINI team mate Holowczyc.  I am not sure about the other MINI cars, but twice during the broadcasts it has been said that the Pedterhansel’s MINI is a MINI body over the same chassis used by the BMW team last year.  BMW owns MINI, so I suppose that it is all in the family, but I wonder how much MINI is really in those MINIs?

Results: Cars Stage 3
1 Roma MINI
2 Holowczyc MINI 1:09
3 Al-Attiyah Hummer 1:29
4 DeVilliers Toyota 1:33
5 Gordon Hummer 2:08
6 Terranova Toyota 6:08
7 Peterhansel MINI 6:23
Results:   Overall Cars After Stage 3
1 Holowczyc MINI
2 Gordon Hummer 0:54
3 De Villiers Toyota 1:40
4 Roma MINI 1:50
5 Peterhansel MINI 2:41
6 Al-Attiyah Hummer 6:34

In some bad news, the American bike rider, Quinn Cody, crashed his Honda on Day 3 and hit the ground face first in an end-over crash.  He suffered a separated shoulder and facial cuts.  His bike was destroyed.  Dakar 2012 is over for him.

Tomorrow’s Day 4 stage is about 200 miles long and the Dakar 2012 is not getting any easier.

One thing that is noticeable on the NBC Sports Network is that Jon Beekuis needs some help with the pronounciation of some of the competitors’ names.  Overall Jon is doing a good job and I am glad that those of us in the USA get to see some of the spectacular Dakar – the motorsports’ greatest reality show.

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