Long Way Home Rally This Weekend

This Saturday, January 7, is the Long Way Home rally in Piffard, NY.  This is the first rally that is part of the WINTR Series.  The rally is also the first rally in the Finger Lakes Winter Rally Series.  As it turns out, I will be navigating for Mark Everett in his Audi.  I look forward to taking part in this rally with Mark.  Mark has mainly been involved with all aspects stage rallying over the years and has recently taken part in a couple of TSD rally events after a TSD hiatus of many years.

I hope to see many of you this weekend at the Long Way Home rally.  It’s a great way to start the WINTR!

See my post on December 19, 2011 for details of this rally.

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4 Responses to Long Way Home Rally This Weekend

  1. Hi Steve, a few links for you to share in your new WINTR blog post:

    Summary write-up: http://news.flr-scca.com/search/label/Rally
    (Note: Alan Smith said he’ll be providing a rallymaster’s review for me to add to this sometime in the next few days; this was my compilation based on the results)

    Results: http://www.flr-scca.com/rally/2012/WRS_Event1_Results.html

    Provided on this page as a summary, with a link to a PDF with the leg scores.

    — MaryAnne S., web/social media, Finger Lakes Region / journalist

    • Hi MaryAnne,
      Thanks for all of that. And the story will get better! There is an obvious scoring error for our team (Mark Everett/Steve McKelvie) on Legs 3 and 4, so instead of us finishing 8th Overall we actually finished 3rd Overall which is key for the WINTR Series.

      Please continue to send me the results of all of the Finger Lakes rallies – they are great events. I might get over to another one this winter.

      Thanks again,

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