Dakar 2012 Day 2 Results

Today was the second day of Dakar 2012 and for practical purposes the real start of the rally.  It might be too early to firmly conclude patterns, but some observations can be made based on the results so far.

In the motorcycle class, based on the very early results and previous Dakar competitions, it looks like it could be a two-man race between KTM team mates Coma and Despres.  They finished 1-2 in the Day 2 stage standings and they might continue that pattern for some time, but it is still very early.

Results: Bike Stage 2
1 Coma KTM              –
2 Despres KTM            1:18
3 Barreda  Bort Husqvarna 2:33
24 Cody Honda 19:55
Results:   Overall Bikes After Stage 2
1 Coma KTM               –
2 Lopez Aprilla 2:30
3 Despres KTM 2:52
20 Cody Honda 20:11
154 Stanfield KTM 5:21:49

The American Quinn Cody did not have a good day, finishing about 20 minutes behind Coma on the Day 2 stage and now is 20:11 behind the leader.  Another American, Stanfield, has had major problems and is over 5 hours behind the leaders.

Al Attiyah On Stage 1 Before His Engine Failed

The results in the cars class is not as clear.  On Day 1, Nasser Al-Attiyah had engine failure and had to get towed by Robby Gordon across the finish line, but on Day 2 he came back and won the stage.  Robby Gordon finished 3rd on Day 2 by 2:42.  So it seems clear that the Hummers have the speed, but reliability remains a concern in this long event.  The MINI team finished second, fourth, and fifth, so it seems like the main competitors have been identified.  At the same time, De Villiers will likely be a factor in his Toyota.

Results: Cars Stage 2
1 Al-Attiyah Hummer
2 Peterhansel MINI 0:54
3 Gordon Hummer 2:42
4 Holowczyc MINI 3:31
5 Roma MINI 4:15
6 De Villiers Toyota 4:37
Results:   Overall Cars After Stage 2
1 Peterhansel MINI
2 Gordon Hummer 2:28
3 Holowczyc MINI 2:33
4 De Villiers Toyota 3:49
5 Roma MINI 5:32
6 Al-Attiyah Hummer 8:47

It is amazing that Robby Gordon is second overall in the car class despite stopping on the first stage to tow Al-Attiyah across the finish line.

Photo: Dakar 2012 website.

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