John Fitch Doing Very Well

I got a brief note from Bob Melhado to let me know that at age 94, famed American road racer, John Fitch, has made a spectacular recovery from a collapsed lung and the pneumonia that followed.  He had spent seven weeks in two hospitals, but now the “Old Man of the Rock” is now doing quite well, and enjoying a new chapter in his life living in a senior residence in Salisbury, CT.

John Fitch (tall person by right hand car) On the Mercedes-Benz Team at La Carrera Panamericana in 1952

John Fitch in a Modified Corvette at Sebring

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One Response to John Fitch Doing Very Well

  1. Evan Gamblin says:

    Glad to hear that.
    Anyone who’s hit those sand-filled drums instead of an expressway abutment owes this man something (Fitch barriers).


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