Kia Announces a New B-Spec Racing Program

In November, Kia Motors America announced a racing car model that is geared towards new and cost conscious racers.  Built by Kia’s racing partner, Kinetic Motorsports, Kia will be promoting the all-new 2012 Rio 5-door B-Spec racecar to provide a relatively low cost path to get involved in racing.

The Kia Rio B-Spec Racecar

The Rio 5-door B-Spec racecar will compete against a variety of subcompact competitors such as the Mazda2, Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta in a range of motorsports events sanctioned by various organizing bodies, including World Challenge, GRAND-AM, Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and National Auto Sport Association (NASA).  For 2012, these sanctioning bodies have created a new segment of race cars called B-Spec that targets the sub-compact market. Manufacturers have a keen interest in expanding the popularity of this segment by introducing more clients to driving smaller cars that are fun to drive, fuel efficient with and handle well.

The Kia Rio B-Spec car is a True “Radio Delete” Car

World Challenge – Each B-Spec car would race against other B-Spec cars in a class race at major racing venues.

Grand-Am – Each B-Spec car would race in a support race series for the main weekends – also racing against other B-spec cars at prominent locations around the country.

SCCA – Each B-Spec car would race against other B-spec cars in the series alongside a wider group of show-room stock C class – allowing campaigning of the car at a myriad of events and locations, regional and national race events.

NASA – Each B-Spec car would compete in its own class at events around the country.

 The Interior is All Business

Once potential racers purchase their 2012 Rio 5-door, a B-Spec kit that costs $14,000 is available for purchase from Kia’s racing partner, Kinetic Motorsports, which includes everything needed to transform the 2012 Rio 5-door into a proper racecar:

  • Roll-cage kit
  • Seat
  • Fire System
  • Quick disconnect steering wheel
  • Harness/belt system
  • Sanctioning body defined window, debris and cockpit nets
  • Set of non-adjustable shocks
  • Set of Spec wheel rims
  • Set of spec tires for a designated series
  • Oil sump pan expansion kit and pick-up extension
  • Complete build instructions

If preferred, the racer can have the team at Kinetic Motorsports assemble the Rio at their shop in Buford, Georgia for an additional $6,000.  Kinetic will also be a source for replacement parts.

The Roll Cage Will Meet Series Requirements

For the Kia program the cost would be as follows:

Cost of base new Kia Rio car – approx $13,600

Kinetic Motorsports kit to equip car: $14,400

Optional charge if Kinetic Motorsports builds the car: $6,000

Total if the owner builds the car: $28,000

Total if Kinetic Motorsports builds the car: $34,000 plus tax

This seems like a good program to people started in racing.

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