2011 Pavement Ends Rally Results

Last Saturday, December 3, the Detroit Region of the SCCA held the Pavement Ends Rally which was based in Pinckney, Michigan.  The Pavement Ends rallymaster, Aaron Usher, informed me that this area got approximately 10 inches of snow in the week leading up to the rally, but with temperatures generally above freezing, this mostly just created a lot of mud. However, a few roads were snow-covered, and there were quite a few patches of ice under the mud.  Legs 5 (Doyle), 13 (Cassidy) and 15 (McClure) were especially slick.
The rally was about 160 miles long over those mixed road conditions.  The rally started at 2PM in Pinckney and ended at Pinckney at about 9PM.  During the rally there were breaks in Pinckney and Chelsea, and utilized among other places the Brighton, Chelsea, and Pinckney State Recreation Areas.
The Equipped Class was won by David Sellers/Janis Ford in a close battle with the second place team of Bob Merritt/Marianne Merritt.  Finishing a close third was the team of Mark Henderson/Doug Shepherd.
In the Limited Class Brian Line/Kevin Line had particularly good rally results winning this class over the team of Ken Wiedbusch/Dennis Wiedbusch.  The Stock Class was won by David Stone/Rob Moran with Adam Spieszny/Piotr Roszczenko finishing second.
In the Novice Class, Jonathon Robotnik/Brian Arpke far outclassed the rest of the novice entries.
For the complete results of this rally, click on the following file:
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