WINTR Series Set For 2012

Last year was the first running of the WINTR Series.  This rally series, devised last year by Frank Beyer and I, includes a select set of winter time-speed-distance rallies in the northeast USA and eastern Canada to determine the top winter rally team in eastern North America.  The title of the series is based on the full title Winter International Rally Series. 

The WINTR Series in 2012 will be made up of four select rallies:

  • Long Way Home, Piffard, NY: January 7, 2012
  • Rallye des Neiges, Bromont, Quebec: January 28, 2012
  • Ohio Winter Rally, Solon, Ohio: February 4, 2012
  • Winter Challenge, Barre, Vermont: February 18, 2012

The best three results of these four rallies will be counted towards WINTR Series championship.  A cash prize fund will be distributed at the conclusion of the series.  Last year driver Ron Johnstonbaugh and navigator Jack van Kaenel won almost $400 each for winning the inaugural WINTR Series title.

Winter Roads are Just Around the Corner!

Local rally rules will prevail; however the local rallymaster establishes the overall finishing order is the order that we will use to score the WINTR Series.  There are no classes in the WINTR Series due to the differences among the rallies.  The main rule that we have for the WINTR Series is that there are as few rules as possible.  Dealing with local rules is all part of the WINTR Series challenge.

By having three out of four events count, the head to head competition will be increased, while still allowing for one throw-away result or to sit out one rally.  Also by having more of the competitors at common events, there will be a increased opportunities for socializing among the teams.

Frank & I will use this website plus other mans to promote the WINTR Series and to maintain the scoring results.  So check here often.  Get your plans underway for these excellent winter rallies and take up the challenge to determine the top winter ralliests.

Finally, Frank & I wish to mention that it is our intention to increase awareness and participation in all winter rallies throughout our area and promote all of the various local events and series, not just those that make up the WINTR Series.

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6 Responses to WINTR Series Set For 2012

  1. Tom Letourneau - 24 Old Reservoir Road - Cumberland, RI 02864-1633 says:

    I would like to run in a couple of (maybe three) of your upcoming TSD Rallies! Problem is I have no one (Navigator) to go with me from down here in this part of New England…..aka “Rogues Island!

    I used to run a lot of Local Club Rallies and SCCA Rallies, always in, I guess, what was called “Seat of One’s Pants Class” (IE: No Rally Equipment)….however it has been almost 20-years since my last Rallye “Covered Bridge” and that was back when I used to work for SAAB Cars USA as their New England District Manager.

    I am now retired (69-years old) recovering from Cancer, and am at a point wherein I would like to get back doing these kinds of events – but, I need a good navigator! I have a Saab 9-5 AERO equipped with “4” brand new Bridgestone Blizzarks……..can you hook me up with a Navigator?

    NOTE: The e-mail below is my primary e-mail, but it will be scrapped as I am changing suppliers on 12/27/2011…..and I do not know what my new e-mail will be! So, until then you can contact me thropugh the e-mail below, and then use until you hear from me!

    • Hi Tom,
      I will see what I can do about getting a navigator for you. By the way, in the early 2000s I competed as a navigator in a number of New England TSD rallies in the “Seat of the Pants” Class in a an ex-SCCA Pro Rally Saab 99.

      I think that you will find that the WINTR Series is a very interesting collection of TSD events.

      I see that you live on Old Reservoir Road in Cumberland, RI. You and I are almost neighbors, as I live just over the state line in Franklin, MA. In fact, I’m quite sure that I must have rode my motorcycle by your house last weekend as I was looking for potential rally routes for another project that I am working on.


  2. Dan Anctil says:

    Hi Steve.

    Do you know how to enter the Rallye des Neiges ? Closest I can get is..

    • Hi Dan,
      I do not recall preregistering for this rally last year. We drove up to the rally start and registered on site. We did however inform the rallymaster, Jeff Dungen, that we were going to compete in the rally, so he knew that we were coming. This way Jeff can make sure that he has sufficient sets of instructions printed up. By the way, the instructions and drivers meetings are all done in both French and English, so language is not an issue with this rally, but it has an international flavor.

      I suggest that you contact Jeff Dungen (nerdboy at look dot ca) and let him know that you are planning on entering and he can inform you what to do from there. Jeff is very helpful.

      I’m sure that you will enjoy this rally.

      (shanna12 at comcast dot net)

  3. Gary Neil says:

    How do i plan for WINTR series for 2014?

    • Hi Gary! At this time I don’t have any plans for the WINTR Series in 2014. I was looking for the right way to increase the participation and interest, but I have not been able to find the key. But the WINTR Series never caught on as much as I hoped. Scheduling is very difficult as the winter rally season is really not that long and it is hard to work out scheduling conflicts and limitations. There are a number of very good winter rallies and it would be great to make people aware of these rallies and to get people out. I will be noting these rallies on this website and will have the events shown on the website for the Northeast Division of the SCCA. In addition they will be listed on the overall SCCA schedule.
      I know now of two very good winter rally event for 2014 but they are scheduled for the same day – February 15. One is the Polar Bear rally hosted by the Maple Leaf Rally Club in Ontario and the other is the Winter Challenge rally with is a New England Region rally that will be held in Barre, Vermont. I wish that I could do them both, but at this time I am looking to compete in the Winter Challenge rally. But everyone interested in winter rallying should try to attend one of these two events.
      I will be posting more about the 2014 winter rally events as I hear about them.
      Steve McKelvie

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