Results of the 2011 Covered Bridge Rally

Despite the best efforts by Hurricane Irene, the Covered Bridge Rally did happen on November 4, 2011.  The fact that the Covered Bridge Rally happened at all is a tribute to the rallymaster Ted Goddard and the resilient people of Vermont.

Hurricane Irene hit the Green Mountain State very hard.  Roads, bridges, including old covered bridges, power lines were heavily damaged.  Ted Goddard, the rallymaster for the 44 previous runnings of this New England favorite, lost many of the roads that he had planned to use for this 45th running.  As a result of Irene, Ted had to completely redo the rally.  And Ted did a great job!

I had made arrangements to navigate in the Stock Class with Hal Denham.  Hal towed his rallycross car to the rally in order to take part in a rallycross that would be held in association with the Covered Bridge rally.  The rally would be held on Saturday and the rallycross on Sunday.  We decided to use Hal’s diesel pickup truck in the rally as we thought that some of the roads could be in rough shape.

Our Rally Truck for the 2011 Covered Bridge Rally

On Friday night, I drove up to the start of the rally at the Cortina Inn in the Killington, VT area.  The drive up was fine and I found that Route 100 in Vermont is a very enjoyable road to drive on the margins of the speed limits.  When I arrived at the Cortina Inn I met Frank Beyer and Mike Mazoway who had just arrived from the Syracuse New York area.  Inside the inn I found Hal and we got the registration process completed.

The 2011 Covered Bridge Rally was Based at the Cortina Inn in Killington, VT

Earlier that evening, Hal had been out to dinner with Charlie Sunblad and Pego Mack.  It turned out that Charlie and Pego were also going to compete in the Stock Class.  Anyway, the four of us got talking about that and the idea of a side bet involving a round of drinks came up.  I decided to up the ante and suggested the side bet be for two rounds of drinks.  This seemed like a good idea on Friday night, but during the rally on Saturday, this pre-rally bravado began to look like a very bad idea.  More on this later.

Saturday morning dawned very frosty.  If there had of been any pumpkins around, then there would have been frost on them.  Hal and I discussed the merits of the heated seats that he has in he pickup truck.

A Frosty Morning Greeted the 2011 Covered Bridge Rally

Hal & I were assigned Car #10 and our rally started a 8:40AM.  By this time the frost had given way to the sun shining down through a clear blue sky.  The morning portion of the rally was just OK for us.  We weren’t achieving great scores.  Then things went from fair to poor when we took a turn down a farmer’s lane and wound up in a farm yard.  Obviously this wasn’t where we wanted to be.  We retreated to a “Speed Limit 25” sign where we had a time recorded and completed the leg with our Time Allowance calcs in hand.

The Vermont roads used for the Covered Bridge were good rally roads, although I suspect that Ted had planned even better roads before Irene intervened.  Along many roads new pavement was evidence of recent damage and reconstruction.  If the government is looking for “shovel-ready jobs”, then  go to Vermont.   Along many, now tranquil, creeks and rivers there were telltale piles of uprooted trees and wayward branches reminding us of Hurricane Irene.

Directions for the lunch break took us back to the Cortina Inn.  The lunch was more than needed to sustain us for the afternoon section.

By this time, I was beginning to regret the bravado of the night before in making the bet then doubling up that bet with Charlie and Pego.  To me, it looked like we’d be buying the drinks.

Lunch was also I good time to meet some of the other people taking part in the rally.  There were almost 30 cars in the rally, so there was an interesting collection of rally people.  Some who had been rallying for forty years and some for only four hours.

Check Point Activity at the Rally

For us, the afternoon portion of the rally was like the morning.  No great scores combined with a missed sign at “Pluss Ln” again caused us to retreat slightly and take a Time Allowance.  At the end of the afternoon section, I was getting my money out.

Ted and Fred Mapplebeck did a great job of getting the scoring done.  Within perhaps a little more than one half hour, the preliminary scores were up.  Hal and I finished third in the Stock Class …….however it turned out that Charlie and Pego had a very bad leg and took the maximum penalty.  As a result, Charlie and Pego finshed behind us in fourth.  This meant that Charlie and Pego bought the drinks.  Hal and I dodged a bullet that time.

The results of the 2011 Covered Bridge Rally are shown below.  The results in Class A were rather unusual – we had two ties!  For points, SCCA does not break ties, but for the awarding of trophies Ted devised a method to break the ties.

2011 Covered Bridge Rally Results

Class A   Equipped
Position Driver Navigator Score
1T Scott Beliveau Chris Regan 56
1T Adam Brodeur Joshua Benner 56
3T Mike Mazoway Frank T. Beyer 62
3T Michael Beliveau Matthew Henry 62
5 Mark Everett Colin Lyle 119
Class   S  Stock
Position Driver Navigator Score
1 Nate Field Sarah Norton 231
2 Will Krouse Scott Carlson 487
3 Hal Denham Steve McKelvie 558
4 Charlie Sunblade Pego Mack 708
5 Ramon Gonzalez Gregory Viscomi 718
7 Steve Sartorelli Cathy Sarortelli 772
Class   D   Novice
Position Driver Navigator Score
1 Matt Flyn Christopher Nonis 717
2 Stephen Moore Joyce Bennett 733
3 Carmen Gaeta Joseph Mahan 737
4 Chang Ho Kim Kim Hapgood 807
5 William Gregory Michelle Gregory 916
6 Dan Praetorius Jonathan Morgan 1126
7 Bruce Cumsky Marc Cumsky 1178
8 Jeff Martin Jeff Faber 1206
9 Ryan Symancek Brittney Dunay 1249
10 Katie Most Nicky Bieniarz 1259
11 Michael Landau Dan Huber 1299
12 Kathy Moody Tyler Semple 1403
13 James Haslam, Sr James Haslam, Jr 1472
14 Laura Piscitello Joe Piscitello 1488
15 Nathan Hedberg Gabriel Ash 1620
16 Casey LaCourse Matthew Seaver 1792
17 Carl Theodore Corwy Gustafson 2652
Class   CBJR
Position Driver Navigator Score
1 Jim Lewis Doris Lewis 234
2 John Seabrook Leslie Seabrook 946
3 Frank Manzella Barbara Manzella 961
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  1. Thanks for the story. Articles like this really brighten up the day for those of us who are condemned to be “armchair navigators” from time to time.

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