Yucatan Safari Rally to be Held December 10, 2011

Clarence Westberg sent me a message about a SCCA National Rally, the Yucatan Safari rally that will be held on December 10, 2011 in Minnesota.  Apparently this rally was previously held in the 1990s, but Clarence decided to resurrect the rally as part of a winter series of brisk rallies.

The Yucatan Safari will be a 200 mile Time-Speed-Distance day/night road rally through the hardwood forests of southeast Minnesota. The rally will start in Winona, MN, wind its way through Winona, Fillmore and Houston counties before returning to Winona.

General Area of the Yucatan Safari Rally

The Yucatan Safari rally will be the first event of the Arrowhead Sports Car Club Winter Rally series, as well as the first National Tour Rally of the SCCA championship series. Clarence reports that the high quality roads are some of the best gravel roads that he has seen and are not to be missed.

For more general information about the Yucatan Safari rally and to register check out the following link:


 I thought that the name of this rally was very interesting.  Clarence wrote that the heart of this rally is in a little Minnesota town called Yucatan and thus the name.  This rally seems like a good way to kick the winter off and I look forward to hearing more about the Yucatan Safari rally.

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