2012 North American Consolidated Major Performance Rally Schedule

Sometimes it is good to look at the big rally picture instead of looking at each individual rally.  To that end, I have prepared a consolidated 2012 North American schedule of the major performance rallies.  I have included the national championship rallies from Rally America, NASA, CARS, and Rally New York.  This is shown below:

2012 Major Performance Rally Schedule

Sno-Drift Rally Atlanta, MI Rally America
February 4 Perce Neige Maniwaki, QC CARS
February 4 Sandblast Rally Cheraw, SC NASA
February 24 Rally of the 100 Acre Wood Salem, MO Rally America
April 21 Rally New York Rock Hill, NY Rally New York
May 4 Oregon Trail Portland, OR Rally America
May 25 Rocky Mountain Rally Calgary, AB CARS
June 1 Susquehannock Trail Rally Wellsboro, PA Rally America
June 29 Rallye Baie-des-Chaleurs New Richmond, QC CARS
July 13 New England Forest Rally Newry, ME Rally America
August 14 Rally West Virginia Elkins, WV NASA
August 24 Rally Delaware Walton, NY Rally New York
August 25 Gorman Ridge Rally Lebec, CA NASA
September 7 Rallye Defi Ste-Agathe, QC CARS
September 22 Olympus Rally Seattle, WA Rally America
September 29 Black River Stages Harrisville, NY NASA
October 1 Prescott Rally Prescott, AZ NASA
October 12 Pacific Forest Rally Merritt, BC CARS
October 20 International Rally New York Callicon, NY Rally New York
November 23 Rally of the Tall Pines Bancroft, ON CARS

Most of these events are multi-day rallies, but typically I have shown the first day of the rally or the representative weekend date.  Please advise me of any changes or corrections to this 2012 major stage rally schedule.

I realize that there are a many very good regional rallies that will be held throughout the year and those events will be covered in subsequent postings.

When you look at the North American rally scene, there appears to be lots of major rallies in 2012: however the geographic challenges are huge in countries as big as the United States and Canada.  A meaningful national challenge with any one sanctioning body is extremely costly and time consuming to undertake.

Best wishes for all those who take part in these rallies and a special thanks to the organizers, sponsors, and volunteers who make these events possible.

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