The 2011 La Carrera Panamericana Results

The 2011 La Carrera Panamericana took place from October 21 to 27 in Mexico.  This year the La Carerra Panamericana route did not end at the US Border, stopping short of the border, presumably to avoid the dangerous Mexican area, just south of the US border.  The overall route used by La Carrera Panamericana is shown below.

Map of the 2011 La Carrera Panamericana Route

A poster named “Martin” on the website posted some nice photographs that he took at the service area in Queretaro.  I have inserted several of them with this post.

Francisco Marquez/Araceli Ramirez Finished 6th in the Grand Old Hudson Race Car

Many of the fast cars at La Carrera Panamericana are American cars from the early 1950s, that have been extensively modifed.  The Hudson shown above and the Doug Mockett’s Oldsmobile shown below are but two examples.  These are full-on race cars.

Doug Mockett/Angelica Finished 2nd Overall in the Oldsmobile

The red Studebaker shown below is much more of a “stock” car.  It competes in the Original PanAm class which is for cars very much like those that competed in the original La Carrera Panamericana from 1950 to 1954.  When Rob Stuart & I competed in the Chihuahua Express last year, we convoyed to and from Chihuahua with John Gregory and his wife Chrislana, so I am quite familar with this car.  It still has the Studebaker 259 cubic inch V8 engine but John has modified the car, where possible, to increase and improve the engine performance, the brakes, and the suspension components.

John Gregory/Frank Taleghani Won the Original Pan Am Class with the Studebaker

The complete results for this year’s La Carrera Panamericana race can be found by clicking on the link to the pdf file below.  You will note the presence of professional racers like Michel Jourdain and Christian Dumolin, as well as a former Formula 1 driver, Jochen Mass.

LACAPA resultados_absolutos_pana_2011

The entry field for the annual La Carrera Panamericana race tends to fill up quite quickly and they have allowances for the number of Mexican, North American, and European entries.  So if you are contemplating entering the La Carrera Panamericana race in 2012, then don’t leave your entry too late.

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