Announcing a New Source of Performance Parts – Street Rate Parts

A good friend of mine and a person well known to many in racing and rallying, Chris Thompson, (aka Mr. T) has opened a new business, Street Rate Parts, to serve the racing and rally community.  I know Chris quite well from Targa Newfoundland and I have found him to be a knowledgeable car guy and a person who does very good work.  Plus, I enjoy his company.  Chris has sent me the following announcement about Street Rate Parts and I recommend contacting him if you are looking for some help with your car:


Street Rate Parts is the newest player in the performance parts world but we decided to do things a little differently in hopes we would be able to offer the very best parts in the industry to the budget minded racer. First, we looked at the general landscape of the parts industry and the costs and pit falls involved and decided to completely cut them out of the model. Then, we looked directly at what the automotive enthusiast wants and needs; the very best parts at prices that make sense. We looked long and hard at the individual problems associated with balancing the needs of the client and the costs involved in keeping a store to supply them.

Street Rate Parts then approached the leaders in the performance industry with a plan to balance the needs and wants with the costs and problems of the standard performance shop. As I am sure you can imagine, most of the players immediately turned us away but we were able to find a few that would listen. Once the plan was pitched and they actually listened they loved it!

Street Rate Parts can now offer unlimited access to over 220 individual performance parts manufactures including top line products like Cosworth, AEM, SCAT, Sparco, Cometic, Quaife just to name a few!! Not only do we offer the best parts we also offer them at the very best prices, we also offer free shipping for orders over $300! Please don’t think we are basing our business model on pricing alone, we are willing to work with the racer or performance enthusiast to determine the best part that will suit that particular person’s needs. We are a huge fan of trying to be the best and providing high quality results for a customer. Basically, we don’t always associate high quality with high cost – it is the whole transaction with price being but one component.

But wait there is more! Not only is Street Rate Parts a full service race shop offering installation of any of the parts purchased at our shop located in Ajax Ontario we also offer:

  • · General maintenance and winterizing of your race or show car
  • · General maintenance and services for your daily driver
  • · On-track and at-event services
  • · Vehicle transportation to and from the event
  • · Service support during the event
  • · Suspension and chassis tuning
  • · Full car builds including cages, suspension and braking consultation

Also, keep an eye out for our gently used parts program. Street Rate Parts is in constant contact with racers and the “gear head” community and we are very aware of where parts are available from private sources, sometimes at substantial discounts as compared to new parts. We are working towards a way to give the racing community access to these parts. Until that avenue is built and running, feel free to call us with any parts you wish to sell, or any parts you may need.

We can usually find anything!!

Call us or email us for quotes and shipping times directly to you location!

Chris Thompson
Street Rate Parts
JCT Fabrication Services
717 Finley Avenue, Unit 5
Ajax, Ontario L1S 3T1
289-799-9500 – Main
289-799-9501 – Fax
647-224-8008 – Cell


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