Manufacturer of My “New” Odometer Identified

Tonight I took the lights and the radio receiver off the old odometer that I recently bought.  After doing this I found out who made the odometer.

This is the Odometer with the Lights and the Radio Receiver Removed

Behind the radio receiver I discovered a paper tag stuck to the side of the unit.  The paper tag is shown in the picture below.

The Odometer appears to be Made by Stevens Eng. Co.

The tag has the following information on it: “Stevens Eng. Co., 340 N. Newport Blvd., Newport Beach, Calif.”  I think that this is the same company that made both the Stevens Rally Wheel and the Stevens Rally Reader navigation equipment that I have.

So I’m making a little progress in trying to see if this odometer still works and how it actually works.  If anyone knows more about this unit, I would appreciate if you would forward that information along to me.

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4 Responses to Manufacturer of My “New” Odometer Identified

  1. Seems like it was popular in 1959:

    Distance Measuring Equipment
    1. Stevens Dual Odometer 30 cars 45%

    1957: After advertising Speedpilots and slide rules for a few months, Robert Stevens (Stevens Rally Equipment, Los Angeles) introduces his own version of the electro-mechanical odometer. This was on the market until at least the late 1970’s, eventually with outside wheel drive as an option.

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