AMC SC/Rambler – A Forgotten Muscle Car

The AMC SC/Rambler is a car from the muscle era of American cars that while a minor success for AMC, just never caught on with the muscle car crowd.  The Rambler car brand had no history as a performance car, but American Motors Corporation (AMC) needed a performance car to have an entry in the mucle car market which was dominating the mid to late 1960s.  As a result, in 1969 AMC put their biggest V8 engine, the 390 cubic inch, 315 horsepower engine into their smallest car, the lowly Rambler American.  The result was the SC/Rambler.

The AMC SC/Rambler

Standard equipment on the SC/Rambler  was the 390 cubic inch V8, a 4-speed close ratio transmission, Hurst Shift Linkage with a T handle, Sun tachometer mounted on the steering column, dual exhaust, Twin-grip differential with a 3.54:1 rear axle plus other heavy duty components and interior options.

The SC/Rambler Had A Very “Loud” Paint Job, Plus Check Out Those Head Rests!

AMC had initially only planned on a limited production run of 500 cars.  But when the SC/Rambler came on the market, sales took off.  AMC then decided to have a second run of 500 cars.  The second run of SC/Ramblers had a slightly different paint job.  In the photos of the SC/Rambler that I took at the start of this post, note the extent of the red paint on the side of the car.  In the second run of the SC/Rambler, the red paint on the side of the car was changed to a much smaller red stripe.  This paint style is shown below in an image from John Gunnell’s book “Muscle Cars Field Guide”.  This second production run is known as the B Group Version.  Sales of the SC/Rambler continued to surge and as a result, AMC had a third run of 500 SC/Ramblers that went back to the original paint style, so the SC/Rambler that I photographed was either from the first or third production run.

B Group SC/Ramblers Had Only A Red Stripe On The Side

The SC/Rambler was a good performer in the muscle era, but there were many cars that were faster.  The SC/Rambler had a 0 – 60 mph time of 6.3 seconds and it would run the quarter mile in 14.3 seconds at 100 mph.

Interior of the SC/Rambler; Note the Hurst Shifter and the Sun Tachometer on the Steering Column

The SC/Rambler is quite a distinctive car with the “loud” paint job that will make the car stand out in any crowd.  While AMC had some success with this car, some of you might remember that I have written in the past that AMC would have been better off in the long haul to have imported the Torino from Argentina as their “Rambler” sporty car.

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