My Latest, Newest Odometer, But What Is It?

This week I acquired another odometer.  The problem is that I just don’t know what I’ve got  I have included some photos of the unit.

My Latest Odometer: What Is It?

The unit actually has two components.  Looking at the above photo, on the left is the odometer itself, while the right component is a receiver of the radio timing signals.  The white mark is a left-over sticky surface from tape or Velcro from long ago.

Close up of the Odometer Unit

The odometer is an electric odometer – it is not driven off a speedometer cable like the Halda units. Two lights, one for each odometer display are on the left side of the unit.  Each odometer reading can be zeroed by the tiny push buttons below the “tens” figure on each odometer display.  The upper toggle switch on the right side has a corroded on/off indicator.  At this time, I have no idea what the other buttons/switches are for.

Close-up Of The Timing Signal Receiver

The radio timing signal unit is of no interest to me.  While the radio signal unit case is bolted to the odometer, there is no electrical or mechanical linkage between the odometer and the signa unit.

A Rear View of the Unit

The “Left-Off-Right” switch on top of the unit does not appear to be wired to anything other than two small lights above the odometer.  I’m not sure how the switch works.

Interesting…But What Is It?

If anyone can help me identify this unit then that would be a great help.  The other thing is that I would like to get this odometer to work.  Therefore I would appreciate any advice on how to make this odometer work.

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4 Responses to My Latest, Newest Odometer, But What Is It?

  1. Harald von Langsdorff says:

    Hey Steve, this looks like the rally odo equivalent of a Lada. Or some kind of Doomsday clock device.

  2. Three guesses about the Left-Right switch:
    1) originally wired to accept odometer input from alternative wheel sensors
    2) a Joke gadget in response to a rash of rallies with alternating Left at Tee – Right at Tee main road rules
    3) a way for the navigator to communicate with a dyslexic driver

    My guess about odometer operation – I am guessing that the lower toggle switch is a double throw – center off switch. Flick it up and the upper odo runs, flick it down and the lower odo runs – just what you would want to do at a CAST change – freeze the old number and start counting the next segment so you can do your calcs. The push button adds counts to the active meter (you subtract counts by turning it off – the counters used didn’t have the option to go in reverse.)

    We need better pictures of the innards to guess any more. The guts of the radio might give some clues to year of construction (like a date stenciled on a printed circuit board).

    • Hi Andy,
      Great stuff! Good guess about the lower toogle switch on the right side – it is a three-way toogle switch.
      The bottom button on the right side is a spring-loaded push button, so your explanation sounds reasonable.

      All three of your potential uses of the top Left-Right switch are possible.

      Thanks for your input.


  3. Shad Olivar says:

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