LT Special – A Mexican Car Built for La Carrera Panamericana

In 2010 I had the pleasure of competing in the Chihuahua Express in Mexico.  I was the co-piloto for Rob Stuart in his Mustang.  While at that rally I was able to get a couple of photos of a special Mexican built car  – the LT Special.  This is a very nice looking sports car typical of the fast sports cars from the 1950s.

The LT Special

The original LT Special was built by Juan Lerdo deTejada in Mexico City 1954.  The LT Special was built to compete against the European sports cars, such as the Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, and Lancias in the 1955 La Carrera  Panamericana. Unfortunately, the 1955 La Carrera Panamericana was canceled because of too many accidents and therefore the LT Special never got to take part in the race that it was built for.  However it did race successfully in Mexico for many years.

The Smooth Lines of the LT Special are very Attractive 

In the early 1990s, the original LT Special was found by the son of the original designer of the car, however the car was in terrible condition.   The original LT Special was carefully rebuilt by Juan Lerdo deTejada Jr., son of the original builder of the LT Special.  Then Juan was able to race the LT Special in 1998 in the modern version of the La Carrera Panamericana.  Unfortunately, a minor accident resulted in an unsatisfactory result at that event.

This Interior is all Business!

In 2002 Juan contacted Mats Hammarlund Racing to build a new LT Special so that the original LT Special would not suffer anymore damage.  I understand that several LT Specials have been built.  These drivetrains for the LT Special cars are based on Chevrolet components.

The LT Special at an earlier Chihuahua Express

It’s unfortunate that the LT Special did not get a chance to race in the original La Carrera Panamericana, as a good finish in that race could have set the stage for the development of a Mexican sports car.  It one of the nicer cars that more people should know about.

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