The Triumph TRs – The Triumph TR6

After the Triumph had the TR5/TR250 line, in 1969 Triumph introduced the Triumph TR6.  Similar to the split between the TR5/TR250 there were essentially two TR6 cars – the “federal” TR6 cars sold in the USA and the TR6 cars that the rest of the world got.  While these cars looked the same, under the hood there were considerable differences.

Triumph TR6 “federal” Engine

The “federal” TR6 cars had a 2.5 litre, 6-cylinder engine with two Stromberg carburettors which produced 104 horsepower.  This engine had the same horsepower as the earlier and smaller 4-cylinder engine in the Triumph TR4A.  The Triumph TR6 cars that were available to rest of the world got a fuel injected version of the  6-cylinder 2.5 litre engine that produced 124 horsepower.  The differences were a result of Triumph having to meet the emmision standards in the USA.

A Triumph TR6 Spotted in Ashland, MA this Summer

The Triumph TR6 had its body styled by Karmann of Osnabruk in Germany.  Some of the body panels are very similar to the TR5/TR250 line, but the front and rear views of the car had substantial changes.  On the whole, I would say that Karmann did a very good job of updating the TR line, while still keeping the traditonal Triumph look.

Rear View of the Triumph TR6

The styling updates included a long hood, a wider blacked-out grille with a single horizontal bar and center insignia, and a re-positioning of the headlights out on the fenders.  At the back the design esembled the Kammback abrupt end.  While the Triumph TR6 wheels were essentially the same as for the  TR4/TR4A line, the Triumph TR6 wheels were more prominently displayed.

The Triumph TR6 Interior Retained the Wood Facia From Earlier Models

 The Triumph TR6 was built in the period from 1969 to 1976.  from a sales perspective, the Triumph TR6 was the most successful of the Triumph TR cars.  A total of approximately 94,600 Triumph TR6 cars were built with all but 8,370 being exported from the UK.

The Triumph TR6 is a Nice Looking Car

The Triumph TR6 car was raced very successfully in the United States by Bob Tullius and his Group 44 racing team.  The following photo of a Group 44 TR6 came from Graham Robson’s book “The Triumph TRs, A Collectors Guide”.

A Group 44 TR6 Racer

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2 Responses to The Triumph TRs – The Triumph TR6

  1. The TR6 was launched in ’68. Not many seem to know this detail.

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