Citroen DS19 Headed For Restoration?

Yesterday I was in the Binghamton, NY area on business.  While returning home on Interstate 88 northward towards Albany, NY, I saw a car being towed northbound on a trailer.  Upon closer inspection, the car was a Citroen DS19, that looked like it was headed for restoration.

Citroen DS19 on Northbound Trailer on I-88

As I passed the tow vehicle, I took a quick glace at the driver and I thought that he had a resemblence to a person who writes in a very good magazine about collector cars, but I did not get a good look. 

During the brief look that I had of the Citroen DS19, it appeared to be a good base for a restoration project.  I hope that this car is restored, as a Citroen DS19 is not commonly seen in North America.

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