Rallye International Vert de Montreal Edition 2011

Earlier this week I got an message from Brian Maxwell, a Canadian co-driver/navigator whom I have got to know from competing together at Targa Newfoundland, about a rally that he will be competing in this weekend. 

Brian’s message started by saying: “Well, 2 weeks  ago saw me in a 600 bhp Dodge Challenger; now it appears that next week I’ll be ensconced in a Mitsubishi i-MiEV”


 “I am competing in the FIA-listed Rallye International Vert de Montreal, taking on a team of Nissan Leafs (Leaves?)”

This is a three-day, 600km long rally with seven regularity tests in the Montreal area.  I see that the first regularity test will be on the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. 

The rally is a combination of timed events with an emphasis on fuel consumption.  These “economy run” rallies are a great way for rallies to establish and maintain relevancy with people and media who normally are not exposed to rallying.  It can expand the rally “market” and establish a positive picture for timed motorsports events. 

Brian sent me some links to this rally.  The website is French only, but regulations are in English.



I hope to have some results and further information about this rally from Brian next week.

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