Tri-State Fuel Economy Championship Results

Not only did Mike Kamm play a major role in organizing this event, he had the highest car gasoline mileage in the event, and he wrote the following report on this event:

The first ever Tri-State Fuel Economy Championship went off under perfect weather conditions on September 18th, out of Williamstown, MA. The theme of the event was “Cars vs Bikes” and Steve Mauk of Max BMW Motorcycles, organized the roster of 17 motorcycles. Although the event was open to any motorcycle, only two non BMW bikes came out to play. One was a Kawasaki KL 250 and the other a Harley Davidson Street Glide. On the car/truck side of things we had 9 entries.

In prior A.M.E.C. economy run events the best that a motorcycle was able to achieve [Ernie Yue’s ’08 Kawasaki Ninja 250] was 73.06 mpg. However the record books [and the cars] were overhauled by Steve Mauk’s 103.65 mpg figure, riding a completely stock 2011 BMW G650-GS.

Steve Mauk getting his award from Ben Stratton

Steve [on the right] is over six feet tall and he mounted a pillow on the tank to rest on as he crouched as low as possible for the full 105 miles of the course, which wound it’s way through the Berkshires of MA, continuing though portions of VT and NY. Needless to say he was a bit stiff after getting off of the bike! You can hear it in his voice in the event video link below. The award is being presented by Max BMW’s Ben Stratton.

Map of the Challenging Tri-State Economy Run Route

Mount Greylock was the biggest challenge for all of the participants, but especially for the cars, as their mass necessitated using engine braking to keep their brakes from overheating down the long narrow decent.

My 2.0 liter 1991 Sentra SE-R had the best result of the gas powered cars through some extensive temporary aerodynamic modifications [this is normally my rallycross car]. I was able to more than double the manufacturer’s rating [of 29 mpg] at 76.12 mpg.

Mike Kamm with his Winning Nissan Sentra Car

Temporary Aerodynamic Changes to Mike Kamm’s Nissan Sentra 

Jim Stoddard rode BMW’s brand new 1600cc touring bike, the 2011 K1600GTL with its 1649cc inline-six, and managed to get 59.55 mpg with it!

BMW’s new K1600GTL Got Amost 60 mpg

Jonathan Bartlett topped the Diesel/Hybrid class with a stellar 79.38 mpg figure in a borrowed ’98 VW Jetta TDi. Now that’s impressive. I wish I had a picture of the car. There was nothing visible done to it!

More event pictures can be viewed here:

A short but entertaining video can be viewed here:

Tri-State Fuel Economy Championship Results:

Gas Cars:

1. Mike Kamm, 1991 Nissan Sentra SE-R – 76.12 mpg

2. Ken Snowman, 1990 VW Jetta [gas] – 53.51 mpg

3. Gabrielle Isenbrand, 1993 Honda Civic Del Sol S – 49.05 mpg

4. Ron Kienhuis, 2001 Subaru Forester – 36.01 mpg

1. Jonathan Bartlett, 1998 VW Jetta TDI diesel – 79.38 mpg

2. Al Walker, 2004 Toyota Pruis – 70.6 mpg

3. Arthur Evans, 2000 Honda Insight – 68.27 mpg

4. Louise Kodela, 2000 Honda Insight – 62.2 mpg


1. Carter Willey, 1980 Iveco Zeta 100 [diesel] – 24.28 mpg

Motorcycles under 700cc:

1. Steve Mauk,  2011 BMW G650-GS [single] 103.65 mpg

2. Bruce Lemeiux,  2009 BMW F650GS [single] 95.02 mpg

3. Gregg Templeton,  2002 Kawasaki KL 250 Super Sherpa 88.60 mpg

4. Fred Jones,  2009 BMW F650GS [single] – 80.09 mpg

5. Joe Warner, 1964 BMW R27 76.58 mpg

6. Jeff Parker, 1967 BMW R50/2  64.97 mpg

7. Andrew Phillips,  1968 BMW R60/2 64.93 mpg

8. Michael Conway,  BMW – 50.70 mpg


Motorcycles over 700cc:

1. Chris Benda,  2010 F650GS [twin 800cc actual] – 75.485 mpg

2. Max Stratton, 1967  BMW R60/2   72.51 mpg

3. Ben Stratton, BMW 2010 R12R  71.57 mpg

4. Max Schling,  2011 BMW F800ST 70.32 mpg

5. Jeff Frisch, 2003 BMW R1100S Boxer Cup 67.09 mpg

6. Jim Stoddard, 2011 BMW K1600GTL 59.55 mpg

7. Rick Butterfield, 2010 BMW R1200GSA 50.82 mpg

8. George Yonnone, 1992 BMW K100RS 49.20 mpg 

9. Steve Remslow, 2012 Harley Davidson, Street Glide 49.06 mpg

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