Returning from Targa Newfoundland 2011

I am between flights in Montreal on my way back home from Targa Newfoundland 2011.  Rick MacLeod and I wound up in third position in our class.  We completed all stages with no timing error penalties except for one – the Garnish stage.  We had a problem with the rally computer on this stage and in addition this was a very tough stage to meet the average speed all the time.  Evidently there was an Intermediate Time Control (we never actually saw it and all of the other rally teams that I talked to didn’t see it either) in a very technical portion of the stage and we were running late at that point.  We finished the complete stage on time, but the Intermediate Time Control was our downfall.  The 8 second penalty demoted us to fourth on Thursday.  We ran the tough Friday stages clean and one of the cars ahead of us fell back, so we ended in up in third place.

We were disappointed that three tough stages were not run on Friday mostly due to the heavy rain.  We needed to have more competitive stages in order to move up.  Also wet roads would have been good for us, as we had all wheel drive and our immediate competitors were all two-wheel drive cars.  Alas it didn’t happen for us.

We were part of a three-car team that won the Kenzie Cup for the highest finishing marque – the Porsche Team.  The other members of the Porsche Kenzie Cup winning team were the Classic Team of Scott Giannou/Ray Felice and Modern Team of Tom Collingwood/Ashley Hollet.

During the week, my driver, Rick MacLeod, raised more than $5,000 for 10-month old Sophia  Deagle’s education account.  Sophia is the daughter of many-time Targa Newfoundland competitor, Darryl Deagle who recently died in a skydiving accident.  The Targa Newfoundland competitors were very generous.  

It was an interesting week with great weather followed by a tropical storm.  We also were the second car along after a Ferrari Enzo left the road and landed in the ocean in Marystown.  I have a couple of good photos of this unfortunate off with most of the car underwater.  The in-car crew were fine.  The Ferrari Enzo did not have much immediate physical damage and hopefully with a quickly applied and long washing with freshwater and applying almost every bottle of WD40 on all of the parts, the Enzo will be ready to go again.  After I get back home and get sorted out, I will post a couple of pictures of this sad scene of a very expensive exotic car in the Newfoundland ocean and other photos from Targa Newfoundland 2011.

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2 Responses to Returning from Targa Newfoundland 2011

  1. Rick MacLeod says:

    Steve. Thanks for our 6th Targa together, this was an awesome week. The porsche was good to us, it was a ton of fun, hope to do it again.

    • Hi Rick,
      Thanks for asking me to navigate for you again at Targa Newfoundland. I too enjoyed the week. It was great to be working with you and Kevin again. And Ryan is a great chef, whose nightly meals were always very tasty!

      Further, I just want to thank you publicly for the work and resources that you put into raising money for Sophia Deagle’s education. While Sophia will never know her Dad, she will know that he had friends.

      Thanks again,

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