Ferrari Enzo Goes For a Swim in the Newfoundland Ocean

It was quite a scene to see!  Rick MacLeod & I were competing in this year’s Targa Newfoundland and as we were racing across the Marystown Bridge, a Stage Marshall indicated that we should stop.  After we stopped, (we were the second competitive car on the scene) we saw a crowd gathered around looking at a Ferrari Enzo in about 3 – 4 feet of water.  This car had been the hit of the spectators along the Targa Newfoundland stages and at the evening shows, but it was not looking good this time.

The Enzo’s service crew discusses what to do with the in-car crew

There appeared to be little damage due to breakage.  There was considerable elevation change between the road and the water.  It could have been the that car just flew over the ground between the road and the ocean and just landed directly on/in the water.  The water probably softened the landing for the Enzo.  Happily the in-car crew were completely unhurt in the accident.

Getting the Ferrari Enzo Out of the Ocean

The accident set off a very intense effort to minimize the damage to the Enzo.  Apparently the car was thoroughly washed down with freshwater in an attempt to displace any saltwater that might have stayed with the car.  That evening the Enzo service crew were working very hard to nip any further damage in the bud from the water by taking all of the connections apart and spraying them with WD40.  Remember that WD actually stands for Water Displacer.

It was sad to see such a lovely, expensive car in the Newfoundland ocean.  I understand that the owner is coming back to Targa Newfoundland next year.  I hope that he brings back the Ferrari Enzo and completes all of the Targa Newfoundland stages.  The Ferraris, the Maserati, Viper, and the Lambo that took part in the hot tour were, by far, the fan favorites in Newfoundland.  Our starting position allowed Rick and I to see and hear these cars frequently.  It was a real treat!


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2 Responses to Ferrari Enzo Goes For a Swim in the Newfoundland Ocean

  1. Rohin says:

    Not something you see everyday.

    Amazing how the car did not sustain more damage!

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