Triumph TR4 Ex-Works Rally Cars in the UK

This past week I was contacted by Tony Sheach who lives in the UK.  Tony owns the ex-works Triumph TR4 rally car that Vic Elford / John Sprinzel etc drove (Original UK Registration: 3VC), and he is also currently restoring another ex-works Triumph TR4, (Original UK Registration: 5VC) formerly driven by Thuner / Gretener.  Both of these cars were given registrations in the USA and were driven in the 1964 Shell 4000 rally.  I included pictures of these cars from the early 1960’s in my August 13, 2011 post about Triumph TR4 cars.

I hope to get some historic photos and current photos of both of those Triumph ex-works rally cars.  I am also interested in the story of both of these cars after the Shell 4000 rally and how they got back to the UK.

In addition to his involvement in those cars, Tony also has another Triumph TR4 that he rallies, races, and runs in various sprints, autotests, and hill climbs.  Tony sent me the photo this car below.


 Tony Sheach’s Triumph TR4

Tony’s Triumph TR4 has been very well prepared and is fast.  I look forward to getting more information from Tony about these Triumph TR4s.

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7 Responses to Triumph TR4 Ex-Works Rally Cars in the UK

  1. Alexander says:

    Hi Steve,
    very interesting to read a new story of Tony’s alleged restoring 5VC.
    The genuine 5VC car lives already in Germany. I have it seen at the Nurburgring with Kas Kastner last weekend.

    Best Regards


  2. Hi Alexander,
    I’m sorry that I took so long to respond, but I was away at a location with poor internet access. Did you get a picture of the car that you saw at Nurburgring? I would love to see a picture of this car. There sometimes can be confusion with older cars, especially for race cars that might have been abused or cannibalized over the years. Interesting puzzle.


  3. tr4tony says:

    There is much commentary about the car in Germany, which I am not going to add to as the conclusion on this one is very clear. I think the ‘autojumble parts’ comment is a bit mischevious to say the least as anyone who knows me will be aware of the contents of my garage and the many TR’s I have. Im certainly not of a mind to fake a works TR4 if thats whats inferred by that comment.

    The owner of the car in Germany actually introduced himself to me at that same Nurburgring weekend, whilst standing over the open bonnet of 3VC, and as he took a few pictures of the engine bay (for the purposes of copying some detail no doubt) and said to me as David Somerville looked on that ‘he was building a replica’ which was the reason for the picture …. I think that says it all.

    I did in fact have the opportunity to inspect the replica car in question at length, and quite categorically I can say that it is not one of the four Ex Works cars. It is a very nice replica without question, well aged now and with some really nice attention to detail on the superficial elements, but it exhibits none of the detail on the major parts, nor the correct numbers on anything genuine that should be on the car and has much that should not. Whatever the position on one or any of the four ex works cars, the car in Germany certainly has no claim to be one of them.

    Im not going to comment on any car I am rebuilding at this stage, save to say that the provenance of anything sitting in my garage cannot be questioned.

  4. Mike Dempsey says:

    My first car in 1975 was a 1963 TR4, dark green (but I was told not THE green – too metallic).with very low miles and slightly oversized red lines.
    God what a ripper! I would so love one again, and now I feel determined to do it. Thank you for the inspiration.
    Your story intrigues me – for technical reasons and more.There is always much more to the story when an interesting car meets an individual with a deep and interesting history.
    Thank you,
    Mike Dempsey

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