Help Me Identify These Cars at a South African Car Show

Several days ago I got an email from JD Fentie, who now lives in South Africa.  I first met JD at Targa Newfoundland in 2003 when he competed in the Touring Class with his Porsche.  JD was living in Ontario, Canada at that time.  The last time that I saw JD was one cold night about 4 years ago at a service station in Coe Hill, Ontario when Harald von Langsdorff and I were getting some gas for our all night run in the Ontario Winter Rally.  Since that time work has taken JD to the warmer temperatures of South Africa.

JD’s message to me included a number of photos from a car show somewhere in South Africa.  A couple of the cars I recognized and JD told about another variant of a major car manufacturer that was only available in South Africa.

As a result, I have posted some of the car photos that JD sent to me in hopes of identifying them all.  I know a few of these cars, but would like to get the names of them all.  I have identified these cars by the number below each photo.  If you know the make and model of all or a few of these cars please write your answers in a comment below the post.  It would also be helpful, if you could include in your comment if you know for sure or are making an educated guess.  As I don’t know the correct answers for them all, I need some basis to judge your response.  Others might want to leave a comment verifying the identification of a car by someone else.

At some time in the future, I will update the titles under the photos of the cars with the correct car identification and the person who first made the identification, so that we all can benefit from the correct answers.  Thanks for your help!

Update (August 27, 2011):  I have included the identification of each car and the person who first identified the car.  Thanks for your interest and help!

Car #1 – Borgward Goliath (Mike Mazoway)

Car #2 – Borgward Isabella (Pierre Van Dalen)


Car # 3 – Dodge Kingsway (Pierre Van Dalen)


Car # 4 – Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0 (Pierre Van Dalen)


Car #5 – Mazda Cosmo Sport (Pierre Van Dalen)


Car #6- Goggomobil Dart (Pierre Van Dalen)


Car #7 – Goggomobil Coupe (Pierre Van Dalen)


Car #8 – Goggomobil T250 (Pierre Van Dalen)


Car #9 – NSU Coupe Sport Prinz (Pierre Van Dalen)


Car #10 – Autobianchi Eden Roc (Yves Boulanger)

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5 Responses to Help Me Identify These Cars at a South African Car Show

  1. Hi Steve, trust you are well. I’ll give it a try:

    #1 DKW 1000 Universal Wagon
    #2 Borgward Isabella
    #3 1959 Dodge Kingsway
    #4 Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0. Only 200 of them were built in a factory at Brits, just outside Pretoria before Alfa withdrew from SA in 1985.
    #5 Mazda Cosmo Sport
    #6 Goggomobil Dart
    #7 Goggomobil Coupe
    #8 Goggomobil T250
    #9 NSU Coupe Sport Prinz
    #10 Goggomobil Cabrio

    Pierre van Dalen

    • Hi Pierre,
      How are you doing? I should have known that you would provide some great answers!

      For others who might be reading this, Pierre is a very knowledgeable car guy who lives in South Africa. As a result, I value his opinions on these cars.

      By the way the car show where these cars were on display was called “Cars in the Park” and it was held at the Zwartkops Raceway.

      Pierre, I got a private email that suggested that Car #1 is a Borgward Goliath. Are you sure that it is a DKW 1000 Universal Wagon? This is a car that I am not familiar with, so I don’t know what the answer is.

      The same person also identified cars #2 and #3 as you have.

      JD Fentie had told me about the Alfa (Car #4) that was unique to South Africa, so that matches up.

      Thanks for the input!


  2. Yves Boulanger says:

    Car #1 is indeed a Goliath
    Car #10 is an Autobianchi Eden Roc, derived from the Fiat 500.
    All the other ones are correct, adding that the Dart (#6) was built in Australia with the mechanicals from the German Goggomobil.

  3. Swen Beuchert says:


    Car No 1
    It is a Goliath GB1100 (1957-1958) /later named as Hansa 1100
    Maybe the same as here in this link

    Car No 10
    It is a Autobianchi Bianchina Cabriolet based on the Fiat 500

  4. weavers2 says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I got my drivers’ license in 1965 at the age of 17! My dad made a deal with me that he’d buy me a “starter” car (used & a little beat up but dependable” if I brought my Math grades up & took over some of the chauffeuring duties for my non-driving mother and grandmother. Of course I agreed and was successful! The neighborhood mechanic was given the job of finding the neighborhood cop’s daughter that car! The first vehicle to show up in the driveway was called an Isabella & I loved it!!! However, it was a standard shift & I just could not get the hang of shifting! I cried as my Dad drove her back to Freddy’s!
    I wound up getting an automatic 1957 Ford! But I never forget my adventure with Isabella but I had no idea what make she was or where she came from! Even my American muscle car lover husband, whom I was dating at the time, could not help me identify my illusive Isabella. Not until today! We were watching the Barrett-Jackson Auction and a very familiar looking Autobianchi came up for bid! A Google search of Isabella and Autobianchi brought me to you! A 50 year old mystery solved. Again, thank you!

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