The 2011 Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally

This past weekend the Peterborough Motor Sports Club held the 10th Annual Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally (GCFR) in Ontario.  The Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally was created by Peter Watt and Pete Gulliver, both members of the PMSC, in 2002.  They have use of an access road to a limestone quarry for this rally.  This road is very well maintained and is one of the fastest stage roads anywhere.  The rally consists of this single road, about 8.5 kilometers long, that is run three times in both directions for a total stage distance of about 50 kilometers.  

I have included some photos taken by Cory Wannamaker of this year’s Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally.  In those photos the smooth nature of the road can be seen.

The Overall winner of the rally was the team of Chris Martin/Brian Johnson in a Subaru Impreza. 

Chris Martin/Brian Johnson on Their Way to Victory!

As you can see from the above photo the rally was also very dusty.  Is is a good thing that the stage is not particularly long as catching a car running ahead of you would result in a very dusty drive.

The complete final results of the Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally are presented below:

Pos Time Vehicle Class Driver/Co-driver
1 0:30:30.5 Subaru Impreza E85 93 Open Chris Martin – Toronto, On
Brian Johnson – Bethel, CT
2 0:31:15.8 Subaru Impreza STi 00 Open Ryan Huber – Mississauga, ON
John Vanos – Markham, ON
3 0:31:42.3 Subaru WRX STi 05 Open Nick Mathew – Mississauga, ON
Kelly Mathew – Caledon, ON
4 0:32:01.5 Subaru STI 99 Open Andrew Wallbank – Guelph, ON
Lindsay MacNevin – Guelph, ON
5 0:33:03.9 Mitsubishi Evo VI 01 Open Ian Crerar – Picton, ON
Doug Draper – Newburgh, ON
6 0:33:08.1 Mitsubishi Evo IV 98 Open Michelle Laframboise – Picton, ON
Nathalie Richard – Halifax, NS
7 0:33:20.7 Subaru STI 07 Open Martin Donnelly – Toronto, ON
James Drake – Kettlby, ON
8 0:33:56.0 Subaru RS 98 Open Nicola Narini – Hampton, ON
Massimo Narini – Hampton, ON
9 0:34:04.4 Subaru WRX 02 Product. GT Alan Ryall – Acton, Ontario
Bruce Leonard – Georgetown, ON
10 0:36:33.3 Lada Samara 91 Prod. Sport Bryce Baker – Schomberg, ON
Derek Vincent – Schomberg, ON
11 0:37:07.2 VW Golf 99 Group 2 Paul Hartl – Toronto, ON
Chuck Storry – Kemptville, ON
12 0:37:13.0 Suzuki Swift GTI 91 Group 2 Alexei Stapinski – Toronto, ON
Jeff Hagan – Whitby, ON
13 0:37:37.8 Subaru WRX 02 Open Patrick Cyr – Enterprise, ON
Kerri Griffin – Gananoque, ON
14 0:38:15.8 VW Golf 91 Group 5 Lance Webb – Collingwood, ON
Maxime Vadeboncoeur – Gatineau, QC
15 0:43:05.8 Ford Focus ZX3 00 Group 2 Andrew Kulikowski – Guelph, ON
Gary Sutherland – Burlington , ON
16 0:44:23.0 Nissan Sentra 94 Group 2 Sergio Monte-Rey – Falls Church, VA
Rodrigo Monte-Rey – Falls Church, VA
17 0:49:05.5 Plymouth Laser RS 93 Open Donald Morton – Ajax, ON
Tracy Simpson – Ajax, ON
  DNF Subaru WRX 02
Hit tree, spun.
Product. GT Warren Haywood – Chelsea, QC
Amanda Tolhurst – Misssisauga, ON

This Shows the Wide, Smooth Road at the Galway-Cavendish Forest Rally

Cory Wannamaker posted a few photos from the rally on the Maple Leaf Rally Club website.  The picture below is one of the strangest.

How Many Citroen 2CVs Have You Ever Seen on a Rally Stage?

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